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12 Simple Outfits That Will Make You Cute AF

12 Simple Outfits That Will Make You Cute AF

We all need simple outfits to wear even when we don’t have a place to go to. Outfits that keep it simple while still making you look stylish are ones that should definitely be in your wardrobe. Even when times like now are anything but simple, these outfits still do the most even with the least.

1. White shirt/jeans

Outfits don’t get much simpler than this. Wearing this combination of a plain white long-sleeved shirt and light washed blue jeans keep a light color scheme while still looking chic and cute. Not to mention, this outfit is great for spring with its color scheme. Even if there is still a slight chill in the air, the long sleeves will still keep you warm even indoors.

2. Black shirt/jeans

On the opposite side, you can still rock this outfit with a black long-sleeved shirt. The fit of the jeans is up to you, but this outfit looks great with a more fitted pair of jeans or a little bit loose to keep things casual. Wearing simple outfits don’t mean you can’t have a sense of style. There’s also something about this black shirt and denim combination that has a retro feel to it. Add a fanny pack for vintage and practical addition to your outfit. Feel free to finish the look with your favorite pair of combat boots or not if you are just planning to stay inside.


3. Yellow sweater

For a gorgeous pop of color, a yellow oversized sweater is a great option. The contrast between the yellow top and black bottoms looks great. Not to mention having an oversized sweater paired with your favorite pair of skinny jeans always looks great. The fleece material will also be sure to keep you feeling cozy while staying indoors. This is an outfit that deserves to be shown off to the world via a mirror selfie. Even if not in-person, snap a pic of your favorite sweater/jeans combination to show off your style.

4. Graphic tees

Simple outfits straight out of the 90s look great in any decade. Graphic tees give a proper amount of edge to any outfit, especially when paired with boyfriend jeans and your choice of sneaker. If the weather starts to warm up, feel free to give your jeans a small cuff detail. The cropped detail really lets everyone see those high-tops. Even if you pull out a T-shirt that hasn’t been worn in years, you can say that it just adds to the aesthetic.

5. Outerwear

Even if you are not going out anytime soon, that doesn’t mean you can’t rock a jacket like this. A lightweight jacket like this is perfect for the springtime weather. The light beige is perfectly combined with the black and white outfit underneath to keep things monochromatic and chic.  Throw on this jacket if you feel like taking a walk around the block, as long as you maintain your distance.


6. Overalls

What better time to hop onto this denim trend. Fitted overalls like this are perfect to wear as both a top and bottom. The shade of denim is up to you, but a darker wash perfectly compliments a darker top. When paired with a plain black t-shirt and simple sneakers, you will be good to go. Wearing sunglasses is optional, but they really do complete the look. Just because your outfit is kept simple doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize.

7. Black overalls

For an alternative to the traditional overalls, try them out in a darker wash or completely black. These definitely take the classic staple and adds a modern twist. The flannel tied around the waist is also classic and adds a nice pop of color, so autumn enthusiasts rejoice. These black overalls are paired perfectly with a white T-shirt or even striped for a cool, simple pattern.

8. Black shirt/ camo pants

Wearing a plain black T-shirt looks great when paired with a pair of camo cargo pants. This is a pretty underrated pattern and definitely adds a vintage flair to your simple outfits. Definitely opt for a darker shade of camo to keep your outfit looking simple. The white sneakers also add great contrast to the rest of the outfit.

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9. Striped shirt

For simple outfits that are undeniably cool, stripes will be your best friend. It’s a simple pattern that pretty much anyone can rock at all times. Whether horizontal or vertical stripes, they definitely add a minimal touch to your outfit and adds interest even when keeping things basic. For simple outfits, you can’t go wrong with a pair of black denim. The color scheme is minimal but still so stylish. Depending on the weather, you can go for a short or long-sleeved option.

10. Stripes with color

At the same time, we would not say no to a pop of color when wearing going for simple outfits. A long-sleeved shirt like the one shown looks great when paired with your favorite pair of jeans. The one shown here adds some nice autumn vibes with the scarlet color, but add in a pop of your choice of color. 


11. Crewnecks

For a look that is more dressed up while still casual, we can’t recommend a sweater like this enough. The heavy fabric is pretty versatile so it looks good when worn in every season. The grey color is a minimal and neutral choice that looks great when paired with medium wash jeans. Wearing a cropped sweater like this one makes for a great piece to keep in your wardrobe as a simple addition to any outfit.

12. Chinos

Just because you are keeping your outfit simple, doesn’t mean you get a bit more formal. Chinos are a great choice for bottoms that can be worn whether you are going to work or out for a coffee date. The choice for a muted pink is great for a muted color and pairs perfectly with a plain white t-shirt. Whether you decide to go outside for a bit or not, a denim jacket really completes the look along with white sneakers.

What are your favorite things to wear when going for a simple outfit? Let us know your favorites in the comments!

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