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Simple Hairstyles For School To Try

Simple Hairstyles For School To Try

School is hard enough without the struggles of finding a hairstyle for school. There are hundreds of styles to try, but it’s easiest to find simple hairstyles that can still add a cute touch to your look when you are in a rush. Whenever you need hair inspiration, just look at this article and choose the simple hairstyle you want to try. These are great for school, hanging out with friends, or any event.

1. Slicked Back Pony

This is almost as simple as it can get! For this hairstyle, there are several variations that you could do. For this, we’ll go over a high ponytail as a simple start. 

To start off, brush your hair (you can use some water if you want) to brush it back into the high ponytail, making sure it is smooth. This is when you can take hairspray or some gel and slick it back, ensuring no hair is out of place. Once your hairspray and gel are in place, you can tie your hair up with your chosen hair tie. 


If you want a middle part with your slicked ponytail, you just need to keep two chunks of your hair out at the front and slick those back after the rest of your hair. You add the last two chunks of hair to the ponytail once it’s slicked back.

Another variation is braiding that ponytail once you have it perfect, so you have a braided pony instead.


2. Claw Clip Pony

This is likely a hairstyle you will see all over your campus and throughout the school. This easy, laid-back, and beautiful hairstyle is great for a rush. With a claw clip, the amount of styles you can experiment with is countless. 

This look is a great way to add volume to your hair. For this version, you want to start by creating a low pony. Above your hair tie, create a hole so that you can slip your ponytail through. Flip that ponytail (hold it upwards) and clip that with your claw clip, creating the ponytail. There are several tutorials on this on TikTok and YouTube.

If you look up “Claw Clip Tutorials,” you can find hundreds of videos with many styles. You can do buns and ponies with your favorite clip.


3. Face Framing Braids

This simple trick can keep your hair out of your face while still adding a cute touch to your hairstyle. For this style, you must brush your hair and section out two small sections on both sides of your head. Braid these sections as long as you want them to be, finishing them with a small rubber band, or there are tutorials to keep them to stay without. 

This keeps the hair out of your face and helps frame your face. This can also be styled with a ponytail. There are other variations where you can have two braids on each side, a thinner one and a thicker one to frame your face. 


4. Bubble Braids

You don’t have to do any braiding for this one, but you will need rubber bands. This is a cute, fun hairstyle that you can do with all of your hair, small face-framing sections, or smaller pigtails, like the image below.

To do this style, take the section of your hair that you’re working on and add one of your small rubber bands towards the top where the braid will start. You start placing more rubber bands 1-2 inches below that rubber band and continue until you reach the end of your hair. The distance depends on how big or small you want your bubbles.  Now, take each section, grab each half, and lightly pull. This will create that bubble effect.


4. Style With Bandana

This is a great way to style your hair, especially if you are having a bad hair day. For this look, you just need a bandana of any color. If you want, take out two pieces at the front to frame your face and put the rest of your hair in a low pony to separate it. 

Now, take that bandana and fold it diagonally. Place it on your head, tying the end pieces underneath that ponytail. Once the bandana is in your preferred position, remove your ponytail, fluff out, or re-brush your hair. 

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5. Tucked Slicked Bangs

This is another slicked hairstyle that you can try aside from the ponytail mentioned earlier. 


For this hairstyle, section out two thicker sections of hair to be your bangs. These need to be thicker than the thin framing pieces from the bandana look. Separate the rest of the hair into a ponytail so you can work on the front pieces. Take some water, hair spray,  or gel (similar to the ponytail), and brush the hair smoothed down. You can pin it with a bobby pin to keep it there. 

Once you like how they look smoothed down and behind your ears, take your ponytail and brush it. You can style your hair any way you like around these tucked bangs, whether straight or curly. 


The great thing about these looks is that you can experiment with all of these styles. There are different ways to wear each style included, and it’s fun to stay creative with your hair while also not having to struggle with what to do.

You can get creative with how you style your clothes around these hairstyles or the other way around. It also is up to you whether you wear these looks to class, casual events, or more formal events. The bandana look is great for more casual, like class or hanging out with friends. Meanwhile, the tucked bangs could be used for more formal events, like going on a date or party. With how quick these hairstyles can be, you do not have to stress about being late because of having a bad hair day. 

Are you interested in trying any of these? If so, let us know in the comments below which one you will try first!