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15 Simple Desserts Any College Student Can Make

15 Simple Desserts Any College Student Can Make

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Are you ever craving a sweet treat at college but don’t think you have the materials to bake? Your microwave and a simple oven can be a lot more versatile than you may have thought! Here are 15 simple desserts anyone can make – even in a dorm.

1. Mug Cakes

It’s simple and easy! If you’ve got a mug and a microwave, you can make dozens of simple desserts.



2. Cinnamon Rolls…in a Mug!

Never underestimate a mug!

Cinnamon Roll in a Mug turned out and drizzled in frosting


3. Fudge

This simple fudge recipe can be made with or without nuts and a bonus – it only takes 3 minutes to make.

Here is the best microwave fudge recipe.This easy 3 ingredient fudge is so easy.Learn how to make fudge in the microwave.Microwave fudge recipes are so good

4. Cake Batter Truffles

Just adding heavy cream, white chocolate chips, and sprinkles can completely change the experience of eating raw cookie dough.


These Cake Batter Truffles are made in the microwave! And so so so yummy! Good luck only eating one!

5. S’Mores

Although you won’t be able to get the campfire toast on your marshmallows using a microwave, warming up the chocolate, marshmallow, and graham crackers together can give you a small taste of summer while away at college.

Mess-Free Microwave S'mores Bites – Ready in just a few minutes and made completely in the microwave!


6. Cinnamon Apples

Perfect for the fall and easily made in a microwave.

Super easy and quick dessert recipe made with just 3 ingredients! 2 Minute Microwave Cinnamon Apples For One -- It's a simple homemade and healthy, no bake snack or treat everyone will love. Tastes like apple pie! |


7. Cookie Dough Bowls

Why not make yourself an edible bowl to go with your late night ice cream snack?

Easy Desserts for Teens to Make at Home - Chocolate Chip Cookie Bowls - Cool Dessert Recipes That Are Simple and Quick Enough For Teens, Teenagers and Older Kids - Best Dorm Snacks and Ideas - Microwave, No Bake, 3 Ingredient, Chocolate, Mug Cakes and More

8. Nutella Mousse

Nutella is a crowd favorite – mix it up a bit!


 This 3 ingredient dessert will win you over immediately. Nutella Mousse is a quick, easy, and delicious dessert!

9. Yogurt Covered Blueberries

It’s as simple as it sounds – dip your blueberries in yogurt, freeze them, and you’ve got a fresh and delicious dessert.

Frozen Yogurt Covered Blueberries -Summer snack! via Family Fresh Meals


10. Root Beer Float

Soda and ice cream – is there a better combo?

See Also

Perfect Root Beer Float Recipe - Pretty My Party


11. Banana Bread Cookies

Although this does require a little mixing and an oven – it’s still a simple, 3 ingredient dessert that you’ll easily be able to make.


12. Homemade Hot Chocolate

A little harder than Swiss-Miss, but tastier and more satisfying.

EASIEST EVER 3 Ingredient Microwave Hot Cocoa! No mix needed and refined sugar free! |

13. Frozen Banana Bites

Peanut butter, bananas, and yogurt. That’s all!


14. Hershey Kiss Pretzels

Place a Hershey Kiss on a pretzel and microwave it; you’ve got yourself a chocolate covered pretzel.

15. Nachos

Tortilla chips, shredded cheese, a microwave, and you’ve made a salty treat.


Image result for nachos microwave

What are your favorite snacks? Tell us in the comments!

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