5 Simple Changes To Eat Healthier

5 Simple Changes To Eat Healthier

We only have a less than a month until the first day of Summer and lets be honest, we are still wearing our layer of fat from winter hibernation. Working out is great and all and will definitely help you perfect your toned and sexy body, but eating right? Eating right is what is actually going to make a difference in your shape. These 5 simple changes to eat healthier  is whats going to help you take off that swim suit cover at the beach  and feel like the sexiest person on the beach!

1. Stop eating out!

If you are someone who eats out a lot, this takes a LOT of self control. Trust me on this as its from personal experience. It’s so much easier, faster and yummier to eat out, but cutting eating out from your life is crucial to eat healthier. Plus it will help save you money. Eating out whether it is fast food or going to a restaurant is not a great idea. Especially if you are like me and doing it consistently. Once in awhile of course, everyone deserves a treat, but it should not be every day. Or even every other day. Shoot for once a week and then slowly cut it out completely. The healthiest meals are the ones you can eat right in your own kitchen. When you go to eat you are likely to order what tastes good (obviously) and what taste good is typically loaded with fat, sugar, carbs and everything else that piles layers of fat on your body. And don’t forget the pop, lemonade, or alcohol your purchase with you meal thats ALSO loaded with calories. In order to eat healthier, look up simple recipes online to get your food quick, but from the food you bought from the grocery store.


2. Shop for what you need, not what you want

To do this you cannot, I repeat, CANNOT go to the grocery store hungry. Before you go to the store, look up recipes that will help you eat healthier. Get the ingredients and only go shopping for the things you need in those recipes. You have to fight the urges to grab those cosmic brownies off the shelf. I do not care how many times they have screamed your name down the aisle you have to say no. When you are shopping for your needs rather than your wants you are more likely to pick up healthier options. So here’s how to do it. Every time you are putting something into your cart ask yourself “do I really need this [insert item here]?’. Sometimes the answer will be yes! Maybe you’re throwing in a bag of frozen broccoli! But, if you know you are going to take that family sized bag of chips you just grab straight to your couch while binge watching Hulu, YOU DON’T NEED IT!

3. Eat in moderation

To keep your from binge eating 3 times a day breakfast, lunch, and dinner making up for all the hunger you are experiencing, you are actually supposed to be eating 6 smaller meals a day. Eating in moderation is key when you want to eat healthier. If you are eating good foods, but eating pounds and pounds and pounds of those foods, that is NOT healthy. I mean it. Even if you are eating pounds of salad, all of those croutons, salad dressing, cheese is going to add up! However, this does not mean eating so little that you still feel hungry. You should be eating enough that you are full, but not totally stuffed. There is a reasonable amount of food you should be eating so follow the guidelines.

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4. Don’t eat processed foods

Processed foods are literally the worst thing you can put into your body and in order to eat healthier you have to cut these out. That really sucks though because processed foods taste the best, are so accessible, and are literally so cheap. These foods are high in sugar and salt and lack the nutrients you need like fiber, vitamins and minerals. Eating these processed foods put you at a higher risk for obesity, hypertension and and high blood sugar levels. These can lead to heart disease and diabetes. Past your tastebuds, processed foods have nothing for you and if you want to eat healthier you need to be eating unprocessed or natural foods that provide you with the nutrients you need.


5. Drink lots of water

Drinking is just as important as eating when it come to choosing healthy options. Water is the one thing that is great for you because it has the minerals we need and is totally refreshing. It is the one drink that truly quenches thirst. Other drinks are loaded with sugar. Even though some are better than others, there is no doubt they have sugar which is not good for you. Water makes up 60% of the human body. SIXTY PERCENT. That means more than half your body is made of water and you need it to fuel you. Water also speeds up your metabolism so you can burn fat quicker. It is the key to eat healthier or drink healthier we should say.

What do you do to eat healthier? Share the wealth below!

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