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Simple And Free Ways To Show Your SO You Care

Simple And Free Ways To Show Your SO You Care

Simple And Free Ways To Show Your SO You Care

It sometimes isn’t easy to show your SO that you care every day, you can be so wrapped up in your work lives that sometimes you forget to show each other how much you really appreciate the other! To show someone you care it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, it just has to have a lot of care but into it! Here are 5 simple and low cost ways to show your SO that you care!

1. Picnics With All Your Favourite Foods

Picnics are one of the best things in good weather, you can take your favourite foods and go and sit somewhere beautiful! Whether that be on top of a hill, or in a local park, you can spend time out with each other and catch up, without the distractions and problems of every day life! Make sure you take a picnic blanket, some boozy drinks and your favourite snacks and you’ll have a lovely night listening to each other without interruptions!

Simple And Free Ways To Show Your SO You Care

2. Star Gazing at Night Time

Star gazing feels magical on a clear night, it can put your problems into perspective and make you truly feel like you are part of this universe! It is also one of the most romantic things to do with your SO on a clear night, you can download modern apps such as ‘Night Sky’ which allows you to name and learn about the different stars you can see! Take a blanket so you can wrap up together, and see how many you can spot, it might be a late night but it will definitely be worth it to see a little bit of your universe.

3. Little Notes/Surprises For Your Day

One of the easiest things on the list to achieve, little notes to let each other know you’re thinking about them can truly improve your day! Especially if your SO has a difficult day, an interview or an important meeting, little notes inside notebooks or inside bags can make your day a little bit happier just to let you know that you’re thinking about them!

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4. Making Each Other Dinner After a Long Day

When you get home from work making dinner can be the last thing on your mind that you want to do. However, if one of you has a quieter day and takes the time out to make the other dinner, it can really show that you care! You can even catch up about your day’s events and what has made you happy or troubled you, bringing you closer together as a couple! Learn each other’s favourite dishes and then you can experiment on flavours and sides.

Simple And Free Ways To Show Your SO You Care

5. Helping Them With Work/Personal Problems

Being part of a relationship means that you have to take into account the other’s feelings, you have to take the highs with the lows. Just making an effort to listen to each other’s personal problems and successes is one of the best parts about being together, you can learn from each other’s mistakes and take pride in their victories!

Any other tips for couples to show each other they care? Leave a comment below!

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