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Signs You’ve Found the Perfect Roommate

Signs You’ve Found the Perfect Roommate

Whether you’re a freshmen or a senior, you need a perfect roommate. Someone to come home to and not feel weird around by yourself. But how do you know that you have the perfect one?

A night in is just as enjoyable as a night out.

No matter how small your dorm room is, or how gross your apartment is, it feels like a magical kingdom if you’re together.

Moving in, this is real now! #tulane #freshmandorm #movingday

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You feel no pressure to look nice or presentable. Ever. In fact, most of the time one of you isn’t even fully clothed.

When your roommate leaves for the weekend, it’s not as exciting as you thought it would be.

Nothing is boring when you’re together.

Like cooking…

Or cleaning.

There is never an issue you don’t feel comfortable confronting each other about. AKA no one’s throwing any shade.

Departing for winter break is a sad, sad time.

You are each other’s #1 motivator.

And secret keeper.

Sharing is Caring.



Speaking of caring, they are right by your side whenever you need a hug.

But they also know when to give you your space.

Awful TV shows are acceptable, and watched together, with enthusiasm.

Their friends love you and vice versa.

But most importantly, you know you’ve found the perfect roommate when the best part of your day is going home.