7 Signs You’ve Found An Actually Decent Guy

Whether you’ve freshly entered into a brand-new relationship, are knee-deep into one, or are on the lookout for someone to just knock your socks off any day now, here are 7 tell-tell signs you’ve actually landed yourself a pretty decent guy.

1. He asks about your day

There’s something genuine and touching when someone asks about your day, as it offers the opportunity to connect with that person. If a guy asks you how your day is, know he probably really cares about you.


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2. He responds to your texts in a timely manner

I’m not sure what the deal is with people who just don’t respond to text messages or even worse- take an entire week just to answer a simple question: not only are both situations incredibly annoying, they’re also just straight up rude. If a guy messages you back within a timely manner, and bonus- actually comes up with topics of conversation, you can relax knowing they really are interested and invested in you.

3. He’s got his own thing going on

There’s something incredibly sexy about a guy who has his own ambitions, passions, goals, and so forth. Not only does it offer him the chance to introduce you to his own personal interests, it’s also just a positive sign that shows he’s a go-getter. The same principle can be applied vice versa; make sure you introduce him to your own passions, dreams, and so forth.


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4. He respects your personal space

Whether you loved to be smothered and hugged all day long, only want a few kisses every so often, or whatever the case may be for you, it’s absolutely crucial that your guy respects you, especially when it comes to your body and your personal space. And if a guy really cares about you, they will listen and respect the boundaries you set. If they don’t, they probably aren’t right for you.


5. He makes you feel confident

We all want to be accepted and loved, and it truly is an amazing feeling when the guy you’re really into accepts you exactly the way you are. No one should ever try and change you for any reason. Keep being the amazing, sexy, beautiful person that you are, and the right guy will accept all your flaws, and still love you.


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6. He remembers certain details about you

Here’s a fact: most guys will not remember every detail about you. And it’s not that they don’t care, it’s just that they are human, and can simply not remember every single detail about you. However, so long as they remember crucial details about you like your birthday, your obsession with unicorns or love for dark chocolate for instance-you can relax knowing you’ve got a pretty good guy on your hands.

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7. He makes you laugh

And of course, what can be better than having a guy who makes you laugh? Being together should make you genuinely happy, and if you’re able to sit back and have a good laugh with the guy you’re dating, or are on a first date with, or are married to-then congratulations, you know you’ve landed yourself a pretty cool guy.


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