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20 Signs You’re the ‘Trainwreck’ in Your Friends Group

20 Signs You’re the ‘Trainwreck’ in Your Friends Group

For those of you who have seen the movie, Trainwreck, starring Amy Schumer, you may have found that you relate to her character a little too well. And, if you have yet to see it, you should probably go – tonight. We all have a little bit of us that’s the definition of a hot mess, but sometimes, you become known as “that friend.” You know, the loud and crazy girlfriend who’s drunk 80% of the time and hungover the rest of the time, somehow “forgot” to put on underwear and is late for everything. Sound familiar? Read on for details.

20 Signs You're the Trainwreck in your friends group

1. You’re the only person yelling ‘shots’ at a party.


2. You get sick before the party even starts.

3. People tell you you have a man’s sense of humor because you’re so vulgar.

4. You assume if you ever got married it would probably end in divorce.


You don't believe you'll every get married

5. You don’t believe you need a limit when it comes to drinking.

You're a lush - like a really big lush


6. Relationship means relationshit in your vocabulary.

7. Typical days of the week for you include moonshine Monday, booze-day Tuesday, wasted Wednesday, thirsty Thursday, fucked up Friday, shit-faced Saturday and Sunday fun day.

8. You can’t remember the last time you ate a vegetable.


You can't remember when you ate a vegetable - Trainwreck


9. You’re friends are always keeping track of your stuff because you lose everything.

10. One night stands are your daily workout.


One night stands are you're daily workout

11. The only charity work you do in college is sleeping with fat guys.

12. You start chugging wine whenever your mom asks you when you’re going to get a steady boyfriend and start thinking about marriage and kids.


13. You think the solution to every problem involves a good amount of drugs and alcohol.

Solution to any problem - drugs and alcohol

14. You’re friends take turns babysitting you when you go out.

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15. Walking home in last night’s outfit is more than a common occurrence for you.

16. You’ve woken up from sleeping on the floor more times than you probably should.


17. You don’t have any actual food in your fridge besides leftovers and booze.

All you have is leftovers and booze

18. You wear sweats whenever possible.


19. You try to convince your friends in relationships that being single is so much better.

20. You go to your friend’s house just to eat their food and steal their toilet paper.

Amy Schumer rocked the Trainwreck lifestyle. Do you?