10 Signs You’re The Comedian In Your Family

Do you make everyone laugh? Then you may be the comedian in your family! Here are ten traits that will tell you if you're the family comedian.

Do your family laugh when you say something that wasn’t meant to be funny? Do you have to ask yourself if that was to savage? From a fellow comedian, here are ten signs that you are the comedian of your family.

1. Your family likes to antagonize you

If family members goad you at gatherings and appeal to your savage side hoping they’ll get a rise out of you, it’s likely that you are the life of the party. Everyone likes to laugh and if you’re called witty and/or savage, you’re probably the funny one in your family.

10 Signs Your The Comedian In Your Family

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2. Everything is material

Even if you don’t realize it, you overhear conversations and twist what they’re saying into a joke. Maybe it’s something your alcoholic aunt said or the dorky outfit you uncle is wearing. Whatever it is, the comedian in you is begging to come out.

3.  Expressionist

Not only do you have a ton of dramatic expressions of your own, but you have every one of your family’s goofiest expressions mastered as well. It’s not just the things you say that makes everyone chuckle, but also the many expressions you make.

4. You can make fun of yourself

I’m not talking about self- deprecation here. But if you’re able to make fun of yourself ( without being mean to yourself) and make a room light up with laughter, then you’re probably the comedian in your group. Making fun of yourself is easy because you know your faults and aren’t afraid to show them off.

5. Imitator

Expressions and words aren’t the only way to make a joke. If you can imitate everyone’s mannerisms then it is likely your one of the funnier members of your family.  If Uncle Sensitive gets upset, you know you’ve mastered him.

10 Signs You're The Comedian In Your Family

6.  You have a dirty mind

No matter what your mom says, dirty jokes are funny. If you can make a that’s what she said joke of just about anything your family says you can join us as family comics. Who doesn’t love a good dick joke?

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7. You make people laugh without meaning to

Whether you’re with friends or family, everything you says gets a laugh. Even when you’re being relatively serious, your wit comes out and everyone chuckles. It can get a bit annoying sometimes but it’s nice knowing that everyone likes listening to you.

10 Signs You're The Comedian In Your Family

8. Jokes are constantly forming in your mind

When I walk around, I’m constantly observing people and unintentionally think of something funny. Whether it’s something someone did or my imaginative mind blending something I saw on tv with reality, I always lift my own spirits with a personal comedy show going on inside my head. If you think of a really good one, save it for a future date and share your hilarity with the world.

10 Signs You're The Comedian In Your Family

9. Meme Queen

You’re up to date on all the funniest memes and know how to insert the best ones into conversations. No matter what people are talking about, you know memes are the best way to lighten up a room. You can’t go wrong with Lord of the Rings.

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10. People like being around you

If you’re the family comedian, you’ll be everyone’s favorite person. Whether you’re out to dinner or enjoying a holiday at home, your family and friends will strike up a conversation because you’re a great person to be around. Jokes are the way to everyone’s heart so don’t be afraid to show off your wit to those who can take it.

10 Signs You're The Comedian In Your Family

Are you the comedian in your family? Let us know how you make everyone laugh in the comments!

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