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15 Signs You’re Ready For Winter Break

15 Signs You’re Ready For Winter Break

Thanksgiving break is over and winter break seems to be right around the corner. But, these last few weeks will be the longest and most defiantly difficult you endure; especially as a freshman. If you thought, it was hard to get out of bed and go to class before Thanksgiving prepare for these last few weeks. Keep reading for 15 signs you’re ready for winter break! Don’t worry, it’ll be here before you know it.

1. You have stopped getting up for that 8am at least once a week.

Those late night study sessions are catching up and you find it harder and harder to get up in the morning. It’s one of the most classic signs you’re ready for winter break. So, instead you relish in hitting the snooze button and going back to sleep.

2. You have lost track of how many times you worn the same outfit and could care less.

It was hard enough to keep track of what you wore that fist month, but now the weather is gloomy and the last thing you want to do is break out the cute crop tops and try to look presentable.


3. You call home and ask to come home on the weekend multiple times during the week because you just can’t wait for the semester to be over.

Everyone gets home sick at some point during the semester, but as winter break approaches and school gets harder, you just miss having your mom being there to tell you it will be okay.

4. When you do have the motivation to get up and go to the library, you find yourself socializing and checking social media instead of studying.

At this point, you have just become a hermit and when you do make it out of your dorm everyone wants to know where you’ve been and catch up. And, at that point you have wasted half your time, so you use the rest to catch up on social media.

5. You go to get food, but realize you have no flex left.

At this point, everyone knows the cafeteria food is disgusting and you are so over it. So, you go to one of the few other options and realize that you have no money for decent food.




6. Can’t wash clothes until you go home for break because you have run out of quarters.

Yes, the washers and dryers accept debt cards but why use your money when you can use quarters your family gives you. But, you haven’t been home, so now you have no quarters and washing clothes is out of the equation.


7. You find yourself watching more Netflix than studying for those exams coming up.

Instead of waiting to watch Netflix at 9 or 10 at night, now you just cuddle up in bed at 5 and turn on your favorite holiday movie.

8. Take 8 naps a day because life as a college student is just hard.

At this point, you just don’t care enough about going to classes so you climb in bed and nap instead. That one long nap makes you even more tired so you continue to sleep until it is bed time. Taking more naps that usual is one of the obvious signs you’re ready for winter break

9. Everything is getting overwhelming and you do not think you can make it.

Your grades are in the trash and finals are the only way to bring up and you don’t think you can do it.


10. Instead of going to class, you skip and go get food instead.

Finding time to eat was hard to do before finals and winter break but now all your time is put into studying and pulling your grades up.

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11. Don’t get me started on the notes you took at the beginning of the year vs. now.

At the beginning of the year, your notes were color coded and organized. Now you use that array of colorful pens to draw holiday pictures.

12. At this point, you have so many problems, that you cannot keep track them.

You could just be complaining about being sick, having to pee in the middle of lecture and don’t forget being tired. These all add up and sometimes you just lose track of all them.

13. Your roommate and you no longer get along, and everything they do just annoys you.

They say to never room with your best friend. It is not till you get to college that you realize why. You have never had to spend long periods of time with them unless you wanted to. If you were fighting, you could come home at night and not see them, but now you can’t do that. It’s one of the more difficult signs you’re ready for winter break to deal with.


14. Because you’re not getting along with your roommate it makes the day’s drag on and makes you wish winter break come sooner.

When things get ruff you just want your own bed to cuddle up in and cry. Plus as something gets closer you realize it and start to long for it more and it drags on.

15. Your head hurts so much, you can’t help but long for a break to relax and not have a constant headache.

Cramming all the information in that you need to remember it a lot of work and I don’t know about you but my head starts to hurt after a while. A break is all you need to cure the problem.

What are some other signs you’re ready for winter break? You’re almost there! Comment below and share the article!
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