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15 Signs You’re Obsessed With Snapchat

15 Signs You’re Obsessed With Snapchat

In today's day and age, social media surrounds us, especially as teenagers and young adults. If Snapchat is your go-to app, then you will relate to this!

Snapchat is a social media platform we are all using now! It has become the new way of communication between teens and adults. That being said, we all have our guilty pleasures and for many of us, it’s SNAPCHAT!! But seriously, we spend too much of our time on this app without even knowing it.  Keep reading for 15 signs that you are obsessed with Snapchat!

1. You check your Snapchat daily.

When you wake up everyday you immediately check your Snapchat. It has become a part of your daily routine.


2.  You check everyone’s story.

You literally go through and look at everyone’s story. I mean EVERYONE’S! You put it on playlist.

3. The discover/explore page is your news channel.

You check the discover/explore page because it’s where you get caught up with what’s happening in the world.


4. You’re always refreshing stories.

You refresh the stories page to see new stories appear.

5. Streaks are your THING!

You have streaks with everyone, even if you don’t even see them on a daily basis. In fact, you only really talk to this person for the streak.


6. You post everything on your story.

Your story is always like a minute long.  You make your followers feel like they’re with you all day because they know everything you did.

7. You check who watches your story.

You check who watched your story to see who stalks your life or who didn’t reply back to you but can check your story. This is almost used as a resource to you; when something goes down you can use it as part of your argument.


8. You check your Snapchat score.

You constantly check your snapscore for whatever reason. You’re always trying to get a higher score than your friends.



9. You use Bitmoji.

You design your Bitmoji to look just like you and use it when snapping. 

10. You snap and drive.

You know it’s illegal and risky but you still do it.

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11.  Geofilters are cool.

You take a random blank picture and swipe just to see all the geofilters in your area.



12. You post your snapchats on Instagram.

You save your snapchats and post them on Instagram even though Instagram has stories now.

13. Snapchat filters are entertaining.

You can literally play with Snapchat filters for hours and not be bored. Oh, and your favorite filter is the dog; you’ve learned you look better as an animal.

14. You use Snapchat “chat” instead of texting.

You actually use the chat part of snapchat, and actually prefer it over texting.


15. Your phone battery is always dying.

The only downside of spending your time on Snapchat is that it kills your phone battery. Like your phone will be on 80% and then after 5 minutes of using the app it’s on 45%.

These are 15 signs you’re obsessed with Snapchat. Share your thoughts and comments in the comment section below!
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