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15 Signs You’re Totally NOT A City Person

15 Signs You’re Totally NOT A City Person

Bright lights, tall buildings, hundreds of people- it's definitely not meant for everyone. Check out this article to if you're totally not a city person.

Bright lights, tall buildings, hundreds of people – what’s not to love about the city? Well if you’re anything like me, the answer is A LOT. While cities house some of our favorite attractions, such as concert venues and museums, but if you’re not cut from the city cloth, more than a few hours in the city can become tedious.

1. Public Transportation might as well be another language.

It is no secret that public transportation is a key to maneuvering your way through the city. However, sometimes the colorful maps of the subway might as well be written in a foreign language, making every trip alone a gamble of whether or not you will get lost.


2. Personal space still has meaning to you.

Whether it’s squeezing into a subway car or huddling on a street corner waiting for the light to change, there are plenty of times you will find yourself rubbing arms with a stranger. If the idea of physical contact with people you do not know makes you jump, you might want to reconsider the city.

3. Car horns are not your idea of ‘sleep’ background noise.

The city is never a quiet place, not even at 2am. So if you need complete silence to get your fair share of shut eye, a place in the city is less than ideal.


4. Walking is not your preferred means of traveling.

While you can use buses and taxies to your advantage, the chance is any time spent in the city will mean a lot of walking. So if heels and shoes that cause blisters are your go-to, this means a lot of regret for your feet!

5. You stop and talk to every random guy haggling you on the side of the street.

It is a well known fact that most people calling out to you as you hustle your way down city streets are up to no good. If your street smarts don’t instantly kick in and tell you to keep walking, you might not have the city mindset you need.


6. Cleanliness is one of your core values.

There is no denying that cities are not the most sanitary place. If you feel like you need a shower after one hour in a city, it’s a clear sign this is not the place for you.

7. Being surrounded by fast moving people makes you feel a bit claustrophobic

Any time, any day, any place, the city is always packed. No matter where you look, there’s always more and more people. The city is not a place for a person who needs a little breathing room when they walk to feel comfortable.

8. You take your time getting from place to place. 

If you want to stand your ground in a city, you better be able to travel quickly! Everyone seems to be in a rush once you hit the streets of the city, which means hustling everywhere you go.

9. Hailing a taxi isn’t one of your innate skills.

We’ve all watched our favorite movie characters hail a taxi with ease, but in reality it’s not always that easy! If it seems like everyone around you is catching a taxi before you, you might not be as city chic as you feel.

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10. You enjoy peace and quiet. 

Unless you plan to invest in soundproof walls, finding some quiet will be pretty scarce. Loud chatter and your neighbor’s muffled music will need to be your new idea of peace in the city!

11. You prefer sweatpants

While there is never anything wrong with sweatpants, the majority of city goers tend to trade in their lounge wear for dress wear. If getting dressed up for a simple night out takes more effort than it’s worth, most likely this makes the city too much for you.

12. You’re expecting darkness after the sun goes down.

You know what they say, big lights big city! It seems as the darker the sky gets, the brighter the city becomes. Neon signs and big electric billboards will make sure the darkness never finds you.

13. Your immune system is lacking.

One major downside of big cities is the constant spread of germs. If you aren’t armed with purell at any given moment, your body might not be able to handle this side of the city.

14. Traffic can drive you crazy.

If you are one of those people that leaves 30 minutes early just to avoid rush hour, the city may be a death trap for you. The city is basically driving in rush hour… but all the time.

15. City streets might as well be a gigantic maze.

In today’s age we have our gps’ to save us whenever we are the tiniest bit lost. But at some point as a city person you need to be able to follow the street signs to reach your destination. If your phone dies and using street signs to get to your destination leaves you in a panic, this is a sign you’re not made for the city!

These are the 15 signs that you’re definitely not a city person. Share your thoughts and any questions in the comment section down below!
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