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10 Signs You’re In Alpha Phi at Kent State

10 Signs You’re In Alpha Phi at Kent State


There are certain signs that show you’re in Alpha Phi at Kent State, and here are just a few of them. Keep reading for 10 signs you’re in Alpha Phi at Kent!


1. You know Days by heart.

The first time you heard it was on bid day and you didn’t really understand it, but now whenever you hear it, your heart is full of love for your sisters. You love getting in a circle with all your sisters high kicking to your chapter’s unofficial anthem, whether it is at date parties, Red Dress Gala, or formal.



2. You are well aware that Poison Ivy isn’t just a plant.

Poison Ivy isn’t just a terrible itchy rash, but one of the cutest Alpha Phi annex houses there could possibly be and has some great Alpha Phi get-togethers. You probably follow the twitter page dedicated to it, and know the girls that live in the house. It’s like a mini sorority house.




3. Our Sorority house isn’t just a house; it’s a mansion.

Oh our sweet sweet home, the mansh is home to 32 girls. At our three-story home, there is always something going on. Whether we have chapter meetings there or just Bachorlette watch parties, the house is always open for fellow sisters, and it helps that the house is huge. We also have a bomb house cook, shout out to Luanne.



4. You are constantly fan-girling over our Instagram page.

Whether it is trendy pineapple pictures or super candid pictures of our sisters, our Instagram is full of super trendy photos that will make anyone swoon over Alpha Phi. You always want to take cute pictures just so you get featured on the page and become Instagram fan famous for the day.


5. Flag Football is really serious for us.

Flag football is serious. When you’ve been back to back to back to back to back to back champions, it’s a lot of pressure to continue to prove you’re the best. We take flag football serious and we don’t play around, no pun intended.



6. AOE aren’t just three random letters to you.

You end almost every email or Facebook post between sisters with AOE. It’s like our secret handshake, we use it all the time.



7. Red Dress is like prom to us.

With the amount of preparation that goes into planning Red Dress, you would probably think it was your wedding. This is the biggest night for Alpha Phi’s because it is what we spend all year raising money for and what we pour our hearts into. We spend weeks finding the perfect Red Dress and sending invitations to our family to come enjoy this incredible event with us.

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8. Derby Days are AKA “The Apocalypse” or “The Best Holiday Ever”.

A week of fierce competition between sororities where we raise money for Sigma Chi’s philanthropy, the Huntsman Cancer Research Center, while trying to win that number one spot. Especially when Sigma Chi’s sweetheart is an Alpha Phi, there is a lot of pressure and strategy that take place of these few days. Alpha Phi has been back to back champs three years in a row now- NBD.




9. You’re a part of the biggest sorority on campus.

Walking to class, you will never not encounter a fellow sister. That being said, you probably will not have a class without a fellow sister, or pretty much go anywhere on campus without seeing another Alpha Phi. There are always sisters around you, so you’re never lonely.


10. Baby Blue isn’t just a color.

To everyone else, baby blue may seem like a pretty light blue color that is often used in nurseries, but to Alpha Phi’s, it’s the name of one of our infamous annex houses. Between the Twitter page dedicated to it or if it’s your big or little’s home, you have been there and had a good time getting together with fellow sisters.



What are some other signs you’re in Alpha Phi at Kent? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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