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10 Signs You’re In A Long Distance Relationship

10 Signs You’re In A Long Distance Relationship

10 Signs You're In A Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships are never easy. No matter if you’re 3,000 miles away from each other, see each other every 2 weeks or every 5 months, there are so many kinds of relationships that are considered “long distance”. And if you’re in one, you know the struggles. If you’re not entirely sure what your relationship is, here are 10 signs you’re in a long distance relationship.

1. You always look at your phone when you feel it buzz.

Your friends will make fun of you for always being on your phone, but getting a text from your significant other (especially if he/she is always busy) is super exciting.

2. You hate having to wait for texts.

You don’t drive yourself crazy over it, but sometimes you just want attention! Or all the time.

3. Sometimes you get randomly upset from not being able to see your person.

Long distance isn’t easy–especially if you’re young. Getting upset about being apart is natural and definitely not out of the ordinary. Remember that your friends will always be there to cheer you up!

4. Getting packages from your bf/gf is 10 times more exciting than when you buy for yourself.

Getting a surprise gift in the mail is always a pick-me-up. Even if they don’t write a personal love letter with the gift, it’s the thought that counts.

5. Sending mail is also 10 times more exciting.

Sometimes you feel the need to splurge on your boyfriend/girlfriend–maybe you had a fight and really want to make it up to them, or maybe you’re just feeling extra friendly. Whatever the occasion, you can’t wait to see their reaction once they receive whatever you sent.

6. You constantly wish you were with them.

It’s hard being alone especially if all your other friends are wifed up. Even doing the mundane things like going to your favorite restaurant just isn’t the same without them.

7. You miss the way he/she smells.

Everyone has their own particular smell depending on what soap, deodorant or perfume products they use, but there is nothing like the smell of your boyfriend/girlfriend when you’re missing them. If you want to go overboard, buy their smell and spray it on your pillow at night to comfort you.

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8. When they post on social media, you’re the first one to see it.

Instagram, Snapchat stories, Facebook posts–whenever these are updated by your person you have hawk eyes. Instead of scrolling down your feed, mindlessly hitting the like button, you actually stop and look at the post. You notice who they’re with and what they’re wearing and get excited to see their name pop up on your phone.

9. You’re always planning on when to see them next.

Being apart isn’t easy. The key to a long distance relationship is always planning to see each other. Rule of thumb: plan your next visit before your current one has ended, that way you always have something to look forward to. Having two different schedules sucks, but if you plan, you can make it work.

10. Being able to see them is the best feeling ever!

Finally all the waiting and planning has paid off! Reuniting after a couple weeks, or months, definitely makes up for the time apart. The first long awaited hug and kiss always reminds you why you put up with long distance.

Can you think of any more signs you’re in a long distance relationship? Share in the comments below!

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