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10 Signs You’re Graduating College

10 Signs You’re Graduating College

If you’re part of the fortunate bunch who will be graduating college this month, there are probably so many feelings buzzing around your body right now. Excitement, fear, nervousness, it’s a huge mix of things. This is definitely an exciting time, but you may also be freaking out on the inside. Remember you’re not alone. Here are 10 signs you’re graduating college.

1. You spend every day working on your resume.

Literally it seems like it’s never completed.

2. People constantly ask you “What are your plans after you graduate?”

And your answer is always the same – “No idea.”


3. You spend more time applying to jobs than you do on your school work.

Because let’s face it, a job is WAY more important than that stupid group project.

4. You’re really excited to get a real job…

or you are dreading it every day because you can’t even find one.

5. You find yourself drinking to excess at any opportunity you get.

Because why not?


6. When it came time to pick up your cap and gown, you literally ran to the building.

7. You consider going to grad school because you know you can’t find a real job with your major.

8. You realize that getting Taco Bell at 2 AM is not going to be socially acceptable anymore.

And that REALLY sucks.

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9. You are stressing over the perfect design to put on your cap.


10. Speaking of loans…

You are dreading the 6 months after being out of school because you won’t have any money to pay those student loans.

Good luck to all of you graduating college. May the dreadful odds be in your favor.

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