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20 Signs You’re From Virginia Beach

20 Signs You’re From Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is home to sweet tea, sandy floorboards, and surfing championships; and us natives can't get enough. These are the signs you're from VB!

Those of you who were born, raised, or even just lived by King Neptune periodically, can testify- Virginia Beach is it’s own little universe. It’s home to sweet tea lovers, sandy car floorboards, 12 high schools in the same school district, the East Coast Surfing Championships, and tons of other quirks that make it hands down one of the best beach towns out there (though I’m shamelessly biased). Now, I may not have hit every single quality that sets us VB folk apart from your average beach town Joe, but here’s a solid 20 points just about everyone living in the 757 can relate to.

1. You’re really (REALLY) used to jet noise.

Jets fly by in the middle of a conversation and no-one even flinches. The conversation takes a slight pause, and then carries on as if nothing ever happened.

2. You agree there should be a Chick-fil-a in Red Mill.

Oh this one y’all. If you’re living in the 757, you understand the pain of having to drive to General Booth for your chicken nugget fix. #firstworldproblems. But really, how has no-one done anything about this yet??


3. You probably have 757 in your bio on Instagram. 

Or VB. VBVA? I’m guilty as charged, y’all. We Virginia Beach kids are PROUD inhabitants of that area code (see my next point).

4. You know that there’s a difference between Virginia Beach and the rest of Hampton Roads.

You find yourself explaining to people from NOVA who think Norfolk is part of Virginia Beach, that they are in fact very, very wrong. Setting the record straight here and now-Chesapeake is also not Virginia Beach.

5. You’ve probably got a nautical theme going on somewhere in your house. 

It’s just too easy- the anchors, seashells, and driftwood just fits the bill for any home in VB. Bonus points for a beach themed bathroom. 


6. You wear flip flops in January. 

Enough said. Hey, it doesn’t snow until March anyways, so why bother with closed toed shoes? (Rainbows? 50 points to Gryffindor.)

7. You avoid the Oceanfront at all costs during the summer. 

Because TOURISTS. And an extreme lack in parking spaces. So, you stick to the First Landing entrance at 64th street, or Sandbridge, or another one of your favorite spots.

8. You’ve grown up playing on a pile of trash. 

You know it- Mt. Trashmore. A 60-foot high by 800-foot long trash dump that serves as a playground, workout spot, and a killer place to watch fireworks on the 4th of July that we all know and love.


9. You’re a surf-brand tee advocate. 

If you live in VB, you own a Hotline, RVCA, 17th street or WRV t-shirt. It practically comes with the territory. And if you still own a Hotline shirt, it is a prized possession that reminds you of the good ‘ole middle school glory days.

10. You’ve been to the East Coast Surfing Championships.

Regardless of if you actually have any interest in pro-surfing or not, you’ve probably been to ECSC every year since you were in middle school. Free stuff from all your favorite surf brands, live music, fashion shows, and an excuse to walk around in a bathing suit with your friends for a week straight.

11. You don’t understand the confusion people have about the HRBT. 

You’ve said/thought about the non-VBers (making that a word) “Yes, the tunnel goes underwater. No, it’s not an optical illusion. Why is this a difficult concept?????”


12. You thrive on Virginia Beach’s lack of ability to deal with snow. 

You know you shamelessly enjoy the fact that at the first sight of snow (and occasionally rain in the wintertime), VBCPS cancels school for days on end. Unless you’re a parent. Then you probably wish the school district would calm down, and that the city would get their own dang snow plows.

13. You’ve dreamed of a place where it rains without flooding. 

Especially if you’re living in Sandbridge or Pungo, you’ve swam, paddle boarded or kayaked in the streets and/or been stranded in your house for several days due to several feet of water filling the streets like an Olympic swimming pool. With water levels rising to your front steps, you’ve probably wondered why or how no one has figured out how to prevent swamp-like state that has become your neighborhood.

14. You’ve experienced all 4 seasons in a 24 hour period. 

Tornado at 12. Clear, sunny skies at 1. Stay tuned for updates about the possible snow storm later this evening. For tomorrow, the high is a whopping 85 degrees, with a frigid 45 for the lows. Brought to you by WAVY TV 10.

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15. You get your concert fix right in your hometown. 

You’re at the Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater all the time for concerts in the summertime, though you still probably call it Farm Bureau. You also rarely (if ever) buy tickets for an actual seat, because the real party happens on the lawn.

16. You know your Virginia History. 

You can thank those VB Elementary Schools for not only teaching you the truly important things in life, but repeatedly drilling them into your brain every year from Kindergarten to Fifth Grade. Those important things, of course, are being able recite the complete history of Jamestown, Williamsburg AND Monticello backwards and forewords. In your sleep.


17. The thought of beach week causes you physical pain. 

And potentially even traumatic flashbacks. When that dreaded time comes around, you know to leave town, hide your loved ones, and/or stay far, FAR away.

18. You’re either in the military, a military dependent, a veteran, or at least half the people you know are one of the above. 

Virginia Beach is the biggest military hotspot on the East Coast, and home to military brats of all shapes and sizes. Nearly everyone has some military connection in some shape or form.

19. You’ve always questioned the reasoning behind people who choose to vacation in VB. 

I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love Virginia Beach as much as the next guy, but I’ve always wondered what exactly the appeal is to vacationers. Of all the beach towns out there, I’ve never thought Virginia Beach to be the truly “touristy” type. But, to each their own.


20. If you’ve left Virginia Beach for any extended period of time, you’ve realized it’s actually a sweet place to call home. 

When I was in school, I remember everyone being more than ready to pack their bags and bust a move to whichever college town they were headed to. Whether it be one of the “burgs” or out of state, people wanted to get out, just as nearly every high schooler ever has. However, now that we’ve all left for a period of time, we miss the beach like crazy. I know I have. Sure you want to move on with your life, do big things, etc., but you’ve got to admit- there’s something special about VB that makes it a really easy place to miss, and a pretty sick place to call home.

These are 20 signs you’re from Virginia Beach. Share you Virginia Beach stories in the comments below!
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