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20 Signs You’re From Titusville Florida

20 Signs You’re From Titusville Florida

Titusville Florida. That place where the Space Shuttle used to go up. Here are 20 signs you're from this city that no one has really heard of.

Titusville Florida. That place where the Space Shuttle used to go up.

1. You’re almost positive we will see flying cars before they finish Titus Landing.

What ever happened to being able to Christmas shop at Titus Landing for Christmas of 2015?


2. Constantly having to explain to people that you live “where the Space Shuttle used to launch”.

“So where are you from?” “Titusville” “Where?” “Where the Space Shuttle used to go up”

3. Seeing a new building in town and just automatically assuming it will become either a McDonalds or Dollar General.

Because who would want a Zaxby’s or an American Eagle anyways? Am I right??


4. Wondering when the rumor that Chick-fil-a is coming to town will actually be true.

We have all only been waiting for the past ten years…..


5. Spending every day you have off of work/school either at Playalinda or on the river.

Because where else in Florida can you spend a day on the water without 5,000 tourists?


6. You can’t go into any store without seeing at least five people that you know.

“Oh hey look! There’s my first-grade teacher, best friend, mom’s friend’s sister, and my dad’s boss! Oh. And my ex boyfriends mom…..” *Hides Quickly*

7. Having a larger rivalry against Astronaut High than Florida State has against the Gators.

I mean how are they going to call themselves War Eagles when they are just a bunch of chickens?


8. Being way too excited when Hobby Lobby came to town.

And also being guilty of going in the store multiple times a week because you ABSOLUTELY NEED a wreath for Arbor Day. Who could live without one?

9. Your Friday night hangout spot is the Bowling Alley.

Because where else would we go? Seriously, where else? Any suggestions?


10. Neglecting Panda Express as soon as Tropical Smoothie opened.

You tell yourself you are going to have Tropical Smoothie because it’s the healthier decision. But you know it’s because you NEED another Bahama Mama smoothie. Even though you have already had five this week.. And its only Wednesday…

11. When people ask where you shop and you say Target because that’s all we have.

“Your wardrobe is so cute where do you shop?” “Target” “Where else?” “Target..”


12. Always calling Eastern Florida State College “BCC” because the new name is just too much to remember.

What was the point of changing the name when even the professors still call the school BCC?

13. Not being able to do anything without the rest of the town knowing about it by the end of the day.

Someone is always watching…


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14. Any time you want to watch a rocket launch all you have to do is walk out your front door and look to the East.

Or just casually look out your window while driving down US 1. That is if you can get through traffic because tourists think it’s okay to park anywhere they want.



15. Knowing that if you want to shop at any decent name brand store you will have to drive at least an hour.

Don’t even get me started on how far you will have to drive to find a homecoming or prom dress.


16. Taking every single prom/homecoming picture at LaCita.

Because the river is always way too windy and we are limited on the number of photogenic locations in Titusville.

17. Taking a picture with the boat that washed up on Playalinda last year.

It’s okay to admit you took a picture with the boat. We are all guilty of it.


18. Going to Village Inn every Wednesday because its free pie night.

Because who would turn down free pie? Definitely not anyone in Titusville.

19. Driving all the way to the Starbucks off of 95 because there is a drive through, even though you know the one inside Target is closer.

Floridians will do absolutely anything to avoid the horrible summer heat. Some of us are just that lazy too.


20. Knowing that no matter how bad you may want to leave, you will always be able to call this small town your home.

And of course you have to come back to visit the Target and Hobby Lobby.

What are some other signs you’re from Titusville Florida? Share in the comments below!
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