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20 Signs You’re From The Suburbs of Chicago

20 Signs You’re From The Suburbs of Chicago

No matter how far away you go for college, living near the windy city still had an impact on you! Here are 20 signs you're from the suburbs of Chicago.

No matter how far away you go for college, living near the windy city still had an impact on you! Here are 20 tastes of home aka signs you’re from the suburbs of Chicago:

1. When you’re on vacation and people ask where you’re from, you automatically say “Chicago”

40ish minutes away is close enough, right? Besides, no one knows where your town is, anyway.


2. …and then panic when they ask which specific part.


3. You’re unfazed when it goes from 80 to 45 degrees in one day.

You’ve become a pro at layering, and Chicago weather has got nothing on you! You can never pack away your winter clothes because you never know what’s going to hit next!


4. You love the Blackhawks.

Nothing beats Chicago sports, especially when your team is the best.


5. You’ve used the Union Station bathroom.

A necessary evil.




6. You’ve partied on a Lake Michigan cruise.

7. You crave Portillo’s anytime you leave Illinois.

When someone mentions Chicago-style food, you think of Portillo’s.


8. You’ve acted out scenes from Ferris Beuller’s Day Off at the Art Insitute.

Maybe you’ve even ditched school for a day in the city.


9. The Sox vs. Cubs rivalry courses through your veins.

You love your Chicago team, and no one can convince you otherwise!

10. You’ve been in the Daily Herald. And your parents probably still have that copy saved.

It’s embarrassing now, but you remember being proud to see your name (and/or picture!) in print.


11. Cloud Gate?? It’s called the Bean, and you’ve definitely taken a picture with it!

Sometimes it’s fun to feel like a tourist so close to home.

12. You still call the Willis Tower the Sears Tower.

And you roll your eyes whenever anyone else calls it the Willis Tower.

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13. You love Christmas shopping downtown.

You always stop to check out the decorations at Macy’s and grab a snack at the Christkindlmarket.


14. You’ve been told you have a Chicago accent, but you don’t even know what that means.

“I don’t have an accent!”

15. You’ve taken a field trip to the Field Museum.

And gotten lost in some of the exhibits.


16. You love deep dish pizza.

You know LouMalnati’s has the best!


17. You hate the Green Bay Packers.


18. You’ve felt motion sick on the Metra.

But it still beats driving.


19. You may not be a real city kid, but you feel like one!

20. You love where you live and the city!

Do you have any other signs you’re from the suburbs of Chicago? Let us know in the comments below!
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