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20 Signs You’re From The Dallas Area

20 Signs You’re From The Dallas Area

Dallas is a huge metropolitan area, but it is definitely a place that is distinct in its culture. Read on to find out 20 signs you're from the Dallas area!

Dallas, Texas is a huge metropolitan area, but it is definitely a place that is distinct in its culture. If you aren’t from Dallas, but a proud Texan, these might just apply to you as well. Read on to find out 20 signs you’re from the Dallas area!

1. You think Dallas is superior to Houston.

Let’s face it. Dallas is better than Houston, in terms of weather, the people, the culture. But no matter where you’re from, take pride in your background!

2. You love going to the Reunion Tower.

It’s a great place to go see the Dallas view at night. The skyscrapers light up, sometimes with little messages too!


3. You love the Texas Rangers!

What else is there to say, but GO RANGERS!

4. You know which trucks have the best food at Klyde Warren Park.

Whether it’s the taco truck or the barbecue truck, it’s always a fun time at Klyde Warren Park under the sunny Texas weather.



5. You always want to take pictures at the Dallas Museum of Art.

It’s a great place to take family photos or even senior photos! It’s all about the aesthetic.

6. You miss the old Big Tex.

The old Big Tex is the true Big Tex. The new one just isn’t the same, but regardless, the State Fair is very popular and a great place for families to have a blast!

7. You own a pair of cowboy boots.

It is definitely appropriate to wear cowboy boots out in public, even if you’re not a cowboy. Hate them or love them, cowboy boots are a staple for most Texans.


8. You constantly tell people you don’t ride horses to school.

This is just a silly stereotype. Whenever you tell someone you’re from Texas, they will always ask if you ride horses.

9. You don’t really have a Texan accent.

If you’re from the suburbs, you really don’t have much of a Texan accent, and you don’t realize it until non-Texans point it out.

10. You love Whataburger runs.

Thank goodness it’s open 24 hours, because Whataburger is just too good to pass up at any time of the day.


11. You’re not used to cold weather, so you wear a hoodie as soon as the weather hits the 70s.

Texas is famous for it’s hot summers and unrelenting heat, so as soon as the weather hits below 70, you grab a jacket to keep warm.


There is no Dallas pride without Cowboys pride!

13. You’re all about high school football.

High school football is almost as important as the NFL.


14. You realize mums are a Texan thing.

Yes. Mums. Those big flower things decorated with bells and boas people wear around their necks during homecoming season. It’s a Texan tradition, though they have started to pop up in different states.

15. You truly believe that BIGGER is BETTER.

The food, the houses, the people’s personalities, it’s all bigger here in Texas.

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16. Driving is whatever, just do it the Texan way.

Driving in Texas isn’t exactly about safety. It’s about doing it the Texan way.

17. You’ll switch from heat to air conditioning within 24 hours.

The weather in the Dallas area is bipolar, switching from spring to summer to fall to winter. All in just one day!

18. You love country music.

Country music plays everywhere, and you love it. It’s sad that some people don’t appreciate it.



19. When people ask where you’re from, you say Dallas, even though you might be from around Dallas, such as Plano, McKinney, or Allen.

The Dallas metropolitan area includes many other cities that are less known, so you just end up saying Dallas to simplify the conversations.

20. You’re not used to walking around everywhere because cars are a necessity in the suburbs.

Here in the Dallas suburbs, it’s just easier to drive everywhere instead of walking.


No matter where you are from, you should be loud and proud about it. I know I sure am!

Do you know any other signs you’re from the Dallas area? Let us know in the comments!
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