12 Signs You’re From Southampton, NY

Ready to feel nostalgic? If you grew up in Southampton, NY you will relate to these 12 signs and it will make you feel all the feels.

1. You probably know how to swim like a fish in the ocean.

Your dad threw you into the water before you were able to walk and you’ve been swimming ever since.

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2. Goldberg’s bagels has a cult following.

If you eat anything but Goldberg’s on a Sunday morning you are not a local. The lines on the weekend are out the door with people waiting for them to be pulled fresh out of the oven.

3. The summer is the best time to make money.

Whether it’s working a seasonal job at the beach, or babysitting a summer residents kids there is always more money flowing in the summer.

4. Traffic is horrific during the summer.

Even the “back roads” are bumper to bumper.

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5. You probably know everyone in your grade, all of their siblings, their parents, cousins, uncles and aunts.

Your best friends mom might even be your teacher.

6. Working for your parents friends is completely common.

They casually drop that they need a hand babysitting or doing things for their business during a conversation, and you are told to show up to work on Monday morning.

7. You grew up begging your mom to let you get ice cream from the Candy Kitchen or Sip n’ Soda.

No one else drinks lime Ricky’s and malted shakes anymore, but you might.

8. Your family may or may not have descended from a long line of potato farmers.

Its not uncommon to have a small petting zoo of farm animals in your backyard.

9. The Hampton Classic

When it’s time for The Hampton Classic you pull out your most preppy clothes, and pretend that you have nothing better to do than make it seem that you know the point of horses jumping over colored sticks.

10. Long Drives.

You have no problem driving your car around for hours signing with your friends, and checking all the beach parking lots for suspicious activity.

11. Basement Parties

Your idea of partying is probably sitting in a stingy unfinished basement drinking brewskis with fifteen of your friends.

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12. Although you might get bored by the small town vibes, you are always drawn back.

Sure, you might move away at some point, but you always crave the late nights and sandy shores of your hometown.

What do you think of these 12 signs you’re from Southampton, NY? Let us know in the comments below!
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