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10 Signs You’re From Salisbury Maryland

10 Signs You’re From Salisbury Maryland

Maryland is one of the coolest places to live, there are many things to do wherever you go in any region. Here are 10 signs you're From Salisbury Maryland!

If you’re looking for state pride, just walk anywhere in Maryland and find the cool flag on just about any souvenir item. There are so many things to do wherever you go in every region, whether it is Annapolis, Bel Air, Baltimore, or Chestertown; Salisbury is one of the best of  them. Maryland is one of the coolest places to live, there are many things to do whenever you’re bored. Here are 10 signs you’re from Salisbury Maryland!

1. You know your community.

With a population of only about 32,600, you’ll get to know everyone in Salisbury, especially if you grew up there. Chances are, you’ll spot someone you know at any public area. It’s a small world!

2. Old Bay is a MUST (I repeat, a MUST)!!

Whether it’s on crabs or shrimp, Old Bay is the best go-to seasoning! Not only can you dab some on some seafood, but you can also mix-in the ingredient with some popcorn or, my personal favorite, potato chips!


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3. You’ve gone to the same schools as your friends.

Because Salisbury is small enough, chances are you’ve grown up with your friends in the same school since the elementary ages. It’s definitely a common thing to graduate with your childhood friends here.

4. Your hangout spot will most likely be the local mall.

The Centre at Salisbury is the most convenient meetup spot for you and your friends. At the mall, you can grab a latte from Cinnabon, snack on pretzels from Auntie Anne’s, or chow down on some teriyaki from Shoyu Japan. With H&M just recently opening, it’s the perfect place for casual hangouts.


5. Or…OC.

While your friends across the Bay Bridge are an hour (or even more) away from OC, you don’t break a sweat to reach the bright sun and waves of OC. If you’re from Salisbury, chances are it’s only about a 10-15 minute car ride, which is how long it takes most people to get to school! Living in Salisbury is totally convenient for ‘SWEEK’ (Senior Week) as well (:



6. You know all the best places.

Salisbury is small enough that even for newcomers, it’s easy to find the best eateries and shopping areas. And, it’s even easier if you live there. You’ll know where to drink the newest frap at Starbucks or to grab a steak burrito at Chipotle.

7. G – e – e – s – e.

Seeing geese is totally normal for you. Whether you’re at Winterplace Park or driving on the road, one of the perks of living in the Eastern Shore is that you’re used to watching a family of geese walk in front of you.



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8. You’re likely to be a Ravens fan.

Once football season starts, you’ll most likely see a lot of purple football jerseys being worn. Ravens fans can be found anywhere, including the grocery store, where they can be found shopping for game night snacks!

9. You have at least one piece of Maryland merch.

The people of Salisbury are one of the most hardcore Maryland fans. You’ll find that just about anyone will have some sort of merchandise with red, yellow, white, and black. After all, Maryland has the coolest flag!!


10. In the end, it’s your home.

No matter where you go, you’ll always remember Salisbury and the people in it. And of course, you’ll come back to visit someday.


What do you think are the signs you’re from Salisbury Maryland? Share in the comments below!
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