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11 Signs You’re From Pittsburgh

11 Signs You’re From Pittsburgh

If you're from Pittsburgh, you know that we pretty much have our language, there are just some things we all do, and only certain things we eat. Read this article to relate to the top 11 signs you're from Pittsburgh.

If you’re from Pittsburgh, you know that we pretty much have our language, there are just some things we all do, and only certain things we eat. Keep reading to relate to the top 11 signs you’re from Pittsburgh.

1. You speak fluent “Pittsburghese.”

When you get cut off while driving, you yell “Jagoff!” You go to Giant Eagle to buy chipped ham, which you put in a buggy after tying up your hair with a gum band. You know that “kennywood’s open” isn’t in reference to the amusement park, “The Mon” is the Monongahela River, a sweeper isn’t a broom, and most importantly, you know that the plural of you is yinz, not ya’ll. The point is that Pittsburghers don’t just have a dialect, we basically have our own language. If you grew up speaking it you’re definitely a Yinzer from Pittsburgh.

2. You only eat Heinz brand ketchup.

People who aren’t from Pittsburgh might think this one is a hyperbole, but they’d be very wrong. Heinz is basically the blood of our people. We have an entire Heinz museum, and most of the high schools in the area take field trips to it every year. When I was a kid and my parents would accidentally take me to eat somewhere that didn’t have Heinz, they would spend the whole time complaining about the ketchup. It’s just an honest fact that every other ketchup type is inferior.


3. You eat fries on your salad.

If you’re from Pittsburgh, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that sentence. Most Yinzers learn, however, that outsiders think this is super weird. The fries give a good, salty taste to the lettuce and are way better than croutons. When I came to college in Lancaster, I got made fun of for the entire first semester for this – but it’s totally worth it. Fries improve salads, coleslaw, sandwiches (in the sandwich and on the side), and the yearly Lent fish frys.

4. You’ve taken pictures on Mt. Washington.

Look on any Pittsburgh girls Instagram, and you’re guaranteed to find at least one selfie from Mt. Washington. Everybody with the area codes 412 or 717 has seen and taken pictures of Pittsburgh’s beautiful skyline. There’s no better place to capture downtown’s beauty, except maybe when you’re coming straight out of the Fort Pitt Tunnel. It’s especially amazing at night, when you can see little pinpricks of light illuminating the water.

5. You bleed black and gold.

Whether you’re into sports or not, every person in the ‘burgh is a proud member of the Steelers Nation. Every household has an abundance of terrible towels, Roethlisberger jerseys, and signed footballs. We’re the city of champions, and we wear our six superbowl rings with pride. It’s not just football either – giant inflatable Stanley Cups and merchandise of Crosby, Malkin or Letang aren’t at all uncommon. Schools still regularly take students on field trips to Pirates games, despite their recent performance level. We’re proud of our sports in Pittsburgh, and loyal to no end.


6. You slow down whenever you approach a tunnel.

It’s a mystery to this very day; no one knows why everyone from Pittsburgh slows down right before they go into the Squirrel Hill Tunnel. Are we scared of tunnels? Is there a time anomaly that only Pittsburghers know about? Either way, the consequence is a traffic backup like no other – not to mention the constant frustration of every driver. On the bright side, the feeling of speeding up coming out of the tunnel is like an adrenaline high; and the congestion clears up right away.

7. You always say you’re from Pittsburgh, no matter where you actually live.

There’s one thing that everyone in Monroeville, Wilmerding, Plum, East McKeesport, North Versailles, McKeesport, Murrysville, and basically everyone within a 30 mile radius of downtown has in common – we all answer “Pittsburgh” when asked where we are from. Every municipality is just Pittsburgh, with or without the 15221 zip code. The ‘burgh is more of a people than it is a place.

8. You cross multiple bridges during your commute.

We’re called the City of Bridges for a reason. There’s a good chance that no matter where you go, you’ll encounter a bridge. Why do we have so many bridges? Are they really all that necessary? There are more questions than answers, but at the end of the day it’s actually really fun to drive across all those bridges and look down at whatever’s below – usually water or train tracks.

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9. Your favorite place to go in the summer is Kennywood.

You know that Kennywood is really fun, has the best fries, and the Phantom (despite it’s long line) is worth the ticket price alone. You know to make the smaller person sit on the outside when you ride the Thunderbolt and you’re understandably upset that the Log Jammer was taken out (and maybe still salty about the Pitfall). Most youngins go to the Kennywood picnics in the spring and the Fall Fantasy Parades at the end of Summer. Some of the best memories are made in Kennywood, and yinzers usually visit at least twice a year.

10. You’re never worried about getting sick.

Pittsburgh has crazy good healthcare thanks to UPMC. It’s reliable, fast, clean, efficient, and UPMC employs a lot of locals. You never have to worry about mean doctors, or incorrect health advice. This is one of those things you take for granted until you experience health care in other states, or even other parts of Pennsylvania. Trying to get X-Ray results while out at college was a major pain, and really made me homesick.


11. You watch movies specifically because they were filmed in Pittsburgh.

Silence of the Lambs, Perks of Being a Wallflower (especially the Fort Pitt scene), The Dark Knight Rises, Inspector Gadget – what do all of these movies have in common? Well, they were filmed in the ‘Burgh! More than 50 movies have now been filmed in Pittsburgh due to its varied architecture, amazing views, and charm. There are more to come, too!

So whether you’re from Cranberry, Squirrel Hill, Monroeville, or Wall; be proud that you exemplify all 11 of these signs and keep touting your black and gold gear.

What are some other signs you’re from Pittsburgh? Share in the comments below!
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