20 Signs You’re From Oregon

From Oregon, 20 Signs You’re From Oregon

While the West Coast may be the best coast, there is one gem that outshines the others, Oregon. And there are some sure fire ways to tell if you come from Oregon. Keep reading for 20 signs you’re from Oregon!

1. You have no clue how to pump your own gas.

If you’re not from Oregon, you may not know we’re not allowed to pump our own gas. When you leave Oregon you awkwardly sit in your car and wait for someone else to come pump your gas, until that sad moment you realize its never going to happen.

From Oregon, 20 Signs You’re From Oregon

2. You own at least one pair of Birkenstocks.

Is there really any other acceptable shoe?

3. Using an umbrella is overrated.

Umbrellas are for the weak; a true Oregonian would never dare use an umbrella.

From Oregon, 20 Signs You’re From Oregon

4. You don’t know what professional sports to root for.

Oregon misses out on having a professional football and baseball team. This leaves Oregonians with the rare opportunity to root for the closest team (or whichever team is winning)

5. The beach is NOT a place to sunbathe.

While the Oregon coast is very beautiful, you will never find someone sunbathing or swimming.

From Oregon, 20 Signs You’re From Oregon


6. Recycling is a way of life.

Recycling has been en-grained into you since the second grade. You live in constant fear of throwing away something that is recyclable and vice-versa.

7. You never actually know what the weather is.

One minute it could be warm and sunny, and then within a blink of an eye you could find yourself running through a rainstorm. So it’s truly anyone’s guess what the weather will be on any given day.

From Oregon, 20 Signs You’re From Oregon

8. Sales tax is very confusing.

Anytime you leave the state you find yourself saying, “Wait, so you mean I have to pay more than the price said?”

9. People bike everywhere.

As soon as you enter any city, there are more bikes than cars. Sometimes it may even seem like there are more bikes than actual people.

From Oregon, 20 Signs You’re From Oregon

10. You have your own Seven Wonders of Oregon.

Oregon is one of the most amazing places, and is lucky enough to have its own Seven Wonders; Crater Lake, The Painted Hills, Smith Rock, Wallowas, Mount Hood, Columbia River Gorge, and the Oregon coast.

11. You can’t stand people from California.

Though you can’t explain EXACTLY why, every Oregonian has some sort of problem with Californians. Especially Californians who have moved to Oregon and constantly complain about the lack of sunshine.

From Oregon, 20 Signs You’re From Oregon

12. The Civil War is more than just a historical event.

Every year there is one college football game that splits the state in half, where the Oregon Ducks play the Oregon State Beavers, also known as the Civil War. The rivalry is known as one of the biggest in the U.S.

13. You have a loyalty to Nike.

Nike is like a local business to every Oregonian.

From Oregon, 20 Signs You’re From Oregon

14. When you want good food, Portland is the place to go.

Some of the best foodie stops are found in Portland, from world-class restaurants to the most delicious food trucks. Portland always guarantees a good meal.

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15. You are extremely pale.

With the lack of constant sunshine in Oregon, you aren’t really known as being the most tan. No matter how hard you try, and no matter the season, you find yourself never getting any color.

From Oregon, 20 Signs You’re From Oregon


16. Your favorite color is tie-dye.

Every single Oregonian owns at least one article of clothing that they spent long hours over perfecting their tie-dye skills.

17. People think you are a ‘hipster’.

The show Portlandia has given everyone the idea that all Oregonians are hipsters, and you are about done with that assumption.

From Oregon, 20 Signs You’re From Oregon

18. You feel at home in nature.

With all the natural beauty that Oregon has, there’s nothing that beats spending time in the great outdoors.

19. You can’t survive without a 4WD vehicle.

In order to go out and see all of the beauty Oregon has to offer, you are going to need a vehicle that can get you there.

From Oregon, 20 Signs You’re From Oregon

20. Dutch Bros. is a way of life.

You know that the best coffee is found at Oregon’s own Dutch Bros. And you can bet that you will be there every Tuesday for #twostamptuesday.

If you're from Oregon, you know Dutch Bros is the best!
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