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20 Signs You’re From Ohio

Ohio, where the weather may be sunny one minute and a tornado warning the next. From sports teams and Lebron to the county fairs, these are the signs you’re from Ohio!

1. Everybody assumes you grew up on a farm

2. You consider Kentucky the South

3. There is a burning hatred for Michigan fans

4. And that hatred ruins relationships fast

5. You’re used to experiencing every season in a day

6. Kings Island and Cedar Point are common summer havens

7. You get used to having to drive long distances for good concerts

8.It’s your duty to respond to O-H with I-O

9. You’ve probably been to at least a few state fairs

10. You think people from every other state have an accent but not you!

11. It’s pop…not soda

12. You question if hills and mountains exist

13. You get pumped when movies, books, or tv shows mention Ohio

14. You, or someone you know, swears more than average

15. Graeter’s ice cream is holy

16. The true “Miami University” isn’t in Florida

17. Lebron James is more god than man to you

18. Construction is a season

19. Deer crossing should be taken seriously

20. You know what Ohio’s worth and spend your time ensuring others do!

Do you have any other signs you’re from Ohio!? Share in the comments below!

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