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20 Signs You’re From Northern Virginia

20 Signs You’re From Northern Virginia

From the beautiful places to go to the constant line of traffic, these are the signs you're from Northern Virginia that only people from NoVa can relate to!

From having to constantly explain that NoVA is not Nova Scotia to the unpredictability of the weather, there are just some things that only a person from Northern Virginia can understand. These are the signs you’re from Northern Virginia!

1. Traffic

Everywhere you go. Whether you are just trying to get to school on time, or going out to dinner you get stuck in traffic, it’s inescapable.

2. School field trips to D.C.

Throughout elementary and middle school you have been on countless field trips to D.C.


3.  Slang

Somehow NoVA has managed to come up with its own variety of slang. But, if you use NoVA slang anywhere else in Virginia no one will understand what you are saying.

4. Weather

The weather in Northern Virginia changes drastically in a matter of hours. Seriously, on the way to school it’s so cold you need to turn on the heat in your car, but on the way home you blast the AC.

5. Chick-Fil-A and Chipotle

These two restaurants can be found every two miles and they  are probably a  staple of your diet.


6. You know at least one guy who dresses like this guy

But, odds are that you’re probably going to meet a lot more just like him.

7. Constant construction

Every time you go for a drive something new is being built.

8. Lake Anna

One of many extremely popular NoVA vacation destinations. You’ve been here before, or know someone else who has.


9. Outer Banks

Your Instagram feed is always filled with pictures of the Outer Banks during the summer.

10. Telling other people where you’re from

When I told someone I was from NoVA they said “oh cool I have never met anyone from Nova Scotia before.”

11. Great Falls

Everyone loves to go to Great Falls to get the perfect Instagram photos. Because it makes you look adventurous and artsy with minimal effort required.


12. Tysons and Fair Oaks

When you were younger going to Tysons or Fair Oaks was a special occasion that you looked forward to.

13. Driving in bad weather

Pretty much anything falling from the sky causes NoVA drivers to forget how to drive.

14. Car stickers

All high schools in NoVA sells sports stickers for the back of your car, if you’re from NoVA you know exactly what i’m talking about. I have never seen them anywhere else but NoVA.


15. Billboards?

Never seen one in NoVA. They’re not a thing in NoVA.

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16. House prices

The house prices here are ridiculously expensive, and overpriced.


17. Traveling anywhere else seems sketchy

NoVa residents live in their own little bubble.

18. Unique location

You can drive one way and be in the capital, or the other way and end up in the middle of nowhere.

19. Target

Target is your go-to store of choice.


20. The cars in the school parking lot are nicer than the cars in the teacher parking lot.

Instead of getting a used car for their birthday, a lot of teens get a brand new sports car.

Can you relate to these signs you’re from Northern Virginia!? Share in the comments below!

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