20 Signs Youre From Northern Kentucky


Anyone from Northern Kentucky knows that we’re basically our own state. We’re not quite North enough to be Cincinnati, but we also don’t necessarily want to be associated with the hillbilly South of the rest of Kentucky. There are many things you know to be true if you live in this wonderful region. For any of my fellow Northern Kentuckians reading this, I hope you think “That’s so me!” or “#relatable” a few times.

1. When people ask where you’re from, you just say Northern Kentucky or Cincinnati.

If you tell someone you’re from Burlington or Taylor Mill, they’re probably gonna ask you where that is, so why not just say NKY from the get-go.

2. You have a strong opinion in the “Skyline vs. Goldstar” debate.

Chili isn’t just chili to you. Cincinnati chili is in a whole different ballpark, and chances are you prefer to either go to Skyline or Gold Star to get your fix. #TeamSkyline

3. You have been to a Larosa’s Pizzeria before.

Typically, people either love or hate this local restaurant. Those who hate it claim the sauce is gross or there’s too much of it. Those who love it are people who know how to appreciate food (;

4. The UK vs UofL rivalry is a big deal.

As a child, my family got pictures done in UK clothes. Now that I go to UofL, family and friends constantly make jokes about it, including my Wildcat fan of a father. It’s not uncommon to walk into a sports shop and see it split red and blue down the middle.

5. You’ve been to at least one concert at Riverbend.

For a lot of Northern Kentucky teens, many summer nights are spent at the laidback concert venue. My only concert there personally has been the Jonas Brothers, but the line-up goes from Luke Bryan to G-Eazy.


6. When you meet someone else from NKY, you feel an automatic connection to them.

Even if you only know they’re from NKY based on their insta pics, you still feel like you know the person a little bit better because of where they’re from. My random roommate ended up being from NKY, and that definitely made getting to know each other a little easier.

7. You’ve been to a Remke’s Market before.

This hometown grocery store is a favorite of my family’s and my friend and I used to walk there just for fun. When one of my college friends and I hear it mentioned, we automatically look at each other and find it hard to explain its wonderfulness to our non-NKY friends.

8. You don’t know what it’s like to not live near a river.

I remember walking over the Purple People Bridge frequently as a kid and not even thinking twice. I drive along the river to get to church without seeing it as any more than a routine. When I’m somewhere without a river nearby, I feel out of place.

9. You’ve probably been to King’s Island at least once.

Even though it may be a good half an hour to 45 minutes away, we like to call KI our amusement park. My family even had season passes for a good 5 or 6 years.

10. When you see the “Florence Y’all” water tower, you know you’re home.

I don’t know if there’s anything that signifies NKY more than the mall’s water tower. It even shows up on the Florence geo-filter on Snapchat.

11. When you travel anywhere else, it’s easy to compare small cities to Florence.

Since being at UofL, anytime that I see somewhere with a Kohl’s, Home Depot, and Olive Garden, I like to call it Florence. After being in the city for so long, it’s nice to see somewhere that seems so familiar.

12. Choosing between going to the Mall or Crestview can be a hard decision.

The mall may have more (and more affordable) stores, but Crestview’s just so much prettier–and they have McAlister’s, which is an automatic win in my book.

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13. You’ve heard about Rabbit Hash.

This quirky town is so small that if you blink you’ll miss it. Weirdest of all, they elected a dog as mayor.

14. County fairs are a big deal.

Each summer I get invites from at least different three different people to go to the fair. Although I’m not the biggest fan, it’s something every Nothern Kentuckian should experience at least once.

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15. UDF is a thing.

When my family or friends come in from out of town, they’re confused when they see United Dairy Farmers on the side of the road. To those of us from NKY, though, it’s not only a gas station but the best place to get shakes (or blue moo cookie dough ice cream).


16. There’s a Catholic school every few miles.

I didn’t realize this was an NKY thing until I got to college, but apparently, it is. From Cov Cath to St. Henry to Holy Cross, you probably know at least one person who went to a private school.

17. The weather is extremely bipolar.

This might be a Mid-West thing in general, but it’s pretty normal to be wearing shorts one day and need a coat the next.

18. You’ve been to either a Reds or Florence Freedom game, if not both.

Every summer, my family hits up at least one baseball game. If we’re going for the big leagues, we’re obviously going to go the Reds; however, if we just want a fun, cheap, laid-back night, Florence Freedom is the place to be.

19. Suburbs are everywhere.

When I went home this past weekend, I posted a Snapchat story that said “Home Sweet Suburbia”. While NKY definitely has its rural areas, for the most part, it’s small town suburbs.

20. Even if you hate to admit it, you’re proud to be a Northern Kentuckian.

A lot of my friends spent high school dreaming about leaving NKY, but I know that deep down, they miss it while away at college.

What are some other signs that make it obvious you’re from northern Kentucky? Share in the comments below!
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