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20 Signs You’re From North Carolina

20 Signs You’re From North Carolina

From the beaches to the mountains, North Carolina is a beautiful state. If you grew up in the Tar Heel state, you should be able to identify with everything on this list. Keep reading for 20 signs you’re from North Carolina!

1. If there’s even a CHANCE of snow, school will be cancelled, all stores will be out of bread and milk, and everyone will be too scared to drive.

North Carolinians basically think that even a few snowflakes are a big deal.

2. You like light blue (Carolina), dark blue (Duke), or red (NC State), but not all three.

This is one NC rivalry that will NEVER end.


3. Two of God’s most precious gifts were created in North Carolina:

If you’re from North Carolina, you know Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Cheerwine are legendary.

4. You either have the plane or the lighthouse on your license. NO ONE GETS THE SEAL!

The lighthouse and plane are just more appealing. Trust me.

5. Cookout is life, and you’ve had several late night Cookout runs.

Eating Cookout is like taking a bite of heaven because it’s just that good!



6. You get frustrated when people pronounce Appalachian as “App-a-LAY-shun” instead of  “App-a-LATCH-shun”.

Like, come on. Get it together, people.

7. The ACC tournament is a very important time of the year.

Families and friendships will potentially be torn apart due to the competition.


8. You will fight anybody who says that Ohio was first in flight.

Friend: “You know, Ohio really did fly a plane before NC did.”
You: “Say that one more time.”
Friend: “Ohio…”
You: *karate chops friend in the throat*

9. You have the luxury of either going to the mountains or the beach without having to leave the state.

North Carolina is a very diverse state, and it has almost everything that suits everyone.

10. You take the different NC styles of barbeque VERY seriously.

Everyone has their opinion… but seriously. Lexington BBQ is the best.


11. Referring to cheeseburgers and hotdogs, you know what the term “all the way” means.

“All the way” simply means chili, onions, mustard, and slaw on your burger/hotdog. Sound good? You bet it does!

12. You made a trip to Carowinds only to find out it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.


13. The word “y’all” is and will forever be a part of your vocabulary.

In North Carolina, if you don’t say “y’all”, people just give you the strangest look and will probably ask you where you’re from.


14. If you’re from North Carolina, you know the weather changes CONSTANTLY.

In NC, it can boiling hot and clear on Monday, cool and rainy on Tuesday, windy and overcast on Wednesday, etc. Mother Mature can’t make up her mind.

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15. We refer to fireflies as lightning bugs.

People from the north just don’t that.



16. Even though we have a coast, most people go to South Carolina’s beaches.

There’s just a certain preference with SC over NC.

17. The state fair is the same every year.

But guess what? We still go. A lot of people see it as a southern family tradition. No harm done!


18. Biscuits and gravy is literally a god sent southern meal.

You can usually go into almost any NC restaurant and order biscuits and gravy, but it’ll never be like mom and grandma’s.

19. You will only drink sweet tea.

You honestly see drinking unsweet tea as a sin and you would never do such a thing!

You love sweet tea if you're from North Carolina!

20. You’re surrounded by southern hospitality.

North Carolina is filled with sweet, gentle, kind folk who will help those in need. We treat each other with respect and we care for one another.


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