12 Signs You’re From North Augusta, SC

North Augusta, SC is a special town that always seems to have a place in your heart. From the small hometown feel to the family-owned businesses and shops. So, here’s 12 signs you grew up in North Augusta, SC!

A summer without the lake instead of a summer well spent….

Tubing and boat riding is the best way to spend a summer day because tanning on a boat is unmatched.

Signs you're from North Augusta, SC.

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You know what it means to meet at “the K”

Every time you wanted to meet and decide what to do the K is the most obvious spot.

Running into every person you know at Monterey is inevitable

No matter how much you try you will see your ex, your best friends parents, that girl/boy who hates you just because, and that boy/girl you think is cute but don’t want to talk to.

Explaining that you’re from SC not GA is a regular occurrence

“So you’re from Augusta?” “No, I’m from North Augusta it’s across the river.” “So you live where they have the master’s?” “Yes, sure.”

Signs you're from North Augusta, SC.

The steeplechase is the biggest social gathering in the spring

If you don’t go, you will miss just about everything and World War III.

The ferry was the ULTIMATE chill spot at some point in your life

You know you sat on that dock late at night with your best friend and watched the sunset and talked about everyone and everything. I mean really it got so popular there’s a Snapchat geofilter.

Signs you're from North Augusta, SC.

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You will experience all four seasons in just one week.

Monday- you’ll freeze to death
Tuesday- it’ll rain so long you’ll think it’s a tsunami
Wednesday- it’s so hot you’ll probably melt
Thursday- so windy you’ll probably blow away
Friday- you’ll freeze to death again

At least one night of your life was spent on top of the parking garage

You remember having literally nothing else to do so you just go to the top of the parking deck and listen to music with friends.

North Augusta High School school spirit is unmatched- bleed black and gold forever more.

You will always remember those Friday night lights and the repetitive chants: “Fish and grits, it gets me hype. Ice cold H2O, fried chicken,” did it make sense? Not at all.

Signs you're from North Augusta, SC.

Pelicans are always the move.

Because why not go every day to eat shaved ice and try to get every single flavor for a t-shirt?

You’re either a Gamecock or a Tiger

There is no in between except for those randos who like Ohio???

Signs you're from North Augusta, SC.

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Cookout is the only hangout spot after Friday night lights is over.

If you really want to run into every single person, but also have the best ending to your night…. Go to Cookout.

What do you think of these 12 signs you’re from North Augusta, SC? Let us know in the comments below!
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