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10 Signs You’re From New Delhi

10 Signs You’re From New Delhi

Delhi is a city where thousands of strangers pass each other in the lanes of traffic and on dampened sidewalks. These are the Signs you are from New Delhi!

For someone who has spent a little over two decades in the city, I can safely say that Delhi is a city where thousands of strangers pass each other in the lanes of Connaught Place, metro platforms, and many other dampened sidewalks. These are 10 Signs you are from New Delhi!

1. Delhi is Delicious – it can feed you with a new Dish 24/7.

This place never goes out of food. You can get diverse cuisine over here with mouth-watering taste at any hour of the day. Price range varies from very low to super expensive but remember that your pocket will surely manage to buy food of your choice.

2. Delhiites know where their loyalties lie and for some reason they’re not ashamed to show it. And we speak Hindi unlike that in any other city in India.

We have our own colloquial terms and words that the rest of India fondly refers to as ‘Delhi’s Slang’. The word Bh**c*** might be offensive for everyone else, but in Delhi it’s a way of expressing your emotions – anger, frustration, helplessness etc.


3. Yaha sardi sataye to kuch kaam na aaye! (When winter makes you suffer nothing can help you!)

You must have heard people talking about ‘Dilli ki sardi‘(Winters of Delhi). Well that is true. You’re gonna freeze in winter but still this city gets amazing in winter. You will see the true fashion sense on Delhiittes in this season.

4. The incomparable metro rides.

If you’re from Delhi you should already know the metro network is almost all  Delhi and it connects you to NCR as well. You just cannot get such convenient ride in any other state. You can roam around in Delhi with such comfort. And that’s not it Delhi Metro is still expanding itself, in near future it will connect everyone to even more places in Delhi and NCR.

5. One thing that not even a Delhite knows why is there a steel sprout garden adjacent to a flyover near AIIMS?

Is that a sculpture? A fountain? Giant globes of steel floating in the air? We don’t know either. Yes! I’m talking about the masterpiece at AIIMS flyover. If someone asks you about it, do what I do – shrug your shoulders and keep driving.


6. Traveling within the city is not your thing.

There are people who travel from one part of the town to another, and its normal for most but if you live in Delhi you’d seriously rather travel to Jaipur, two hours away, than go to Gurgaon or Noida which is around 20 or 25 kilometers away because it will that take forever to get there.

7. You know how to walk peacefully with crowds.

In a city of over a million people, it’s difficult to avoid crowded areas. We find it adorable when people from other states get flustered by the crowds, because to us, it’s perfectly normal.


8. You are always prepared to change the perception of weekdays and weekends.

There are around 200 small and big bars and pubs in Delhi and there is always an occasion. So you will drink on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and on weekends, of course!

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9. We offer directions via landmarks that may or may not still be there. Be careful!

If you are unfortunate enough to get lost while visiting Delhi, asking for directions from a local will most likely result in something along the lines of “Take a right at that red colored monument and then turn left when you’ve passed the giant statue.” Only to realize that there is no monument or statue for the next 50 Km.


 10. We are used to traveling in a packed metro every day.

Delhiites are used to battling it out with each other for a spot to stand in. So should you!

Do you have any other signs you are from new Delhi!? Share in the comments below!

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