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10 Signs You’re From Muncie Indiana

10 Signs You’re From Muncie Indiana

Muncie Indiana is known for its cameo in Parks & Rec, Valentines Day, and The Vampire Diaries. Read on to find out 10 more signs you're from Muncie!

Muncie Indiana is known for its cameos in Parks & Rec, Valentine’s Day, and The Vampire Diaries. It’s also known for weather that changes faster than you can blink your eyes. In Muncie, you are constantly surrounded by rows and rows of cornfields (especially when you are driving through the interstate.) Since it’s a small town, everyone follows each other on Instagram, so you’re bound to run into them at Meijer. It’s pretty easy to see Muncie has some unique quirks.

1. The weather goes from cloudy to sunny to hailing – all in one day.

Weather reports are highly unreliable. You always carry around an umbrella in the winter because the weather can turn on you at any time.

2. Everyone has a deep hatred for the Patriots.

The Patriots are the devil. We have a a personal vendetta against Tom Brady. Our loyalty is only to the Colts and the Broncos.

3. There is absolutely nothing to do. There is a mall, a cafe, a bowling alley and a theatre.

On the weekends, you just hang out with your friends because you’ve done everything else Muncie has to offer. After shopping at Macy’s and American Eagle, bowling at Clancy’s, going to the Caffeinery, and watching movies at the AMC Theatre, you’ve run out of fun weekend activities.

4. You hear the “sisters of savings from Huber Chevrolet” ad every time you turn on the radio.

You hear the “sisters of savings” ad and want to smash your radio because this is the only ad that comes on. And you know all the words to it even though you hate it.

10 Signs You’re From Muncie Indiana

5. When you look at your Snapchat stories, every picture is of a sunset.

Sunsets are sort of a huge deal here in Muncie, Indiana. Every time there is a beautiful sunset, it is all you see in your Snapchat stories.

6. You get stuck at the railroad crossing more times than you would like.

Since we live in the Crossroads of America, you hear the rumbling and whistling of an incoming train 24/7. When you want to go to sleep, you lie awake listening to the “choo-choos” of the train. And when you just want to drive to school in peace on a Monday morning, a train delays you for another 20 minutes.

7. You listen to WLBC radio and hear Chuck Lofton give the daily weather report.

Everybody listens to WLBC. So, after listening to it everyday, you know Steve Lindell and Chuck Lofton personally… and the Top 100 hits by heart.


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8. The highlight of your week is getting a slushie from Speedway.

In the 80-degree summer weather, the only good thing to have is a slushie from Speedway or a snow cone from The Shack.

9. The only way people know of Muncie Indiana is from Parks & Rec.

No one has heard of Muncie. You simply tell people it’s the city that inspired Parks & Rec. Or you say you’re from Chicago.

10. The only thing in a 100-mile radius from you is a cornfield.

Cornfields surround us. You only play hide and seek because there are rows of corn to hide behind. You eat corn for lunch and dinner. And you can also easily get tired of corn.

10 Signs You’re From Muncie Indiana

Are there any other signs you’re from Muncie Indiana? Let us know down below!
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