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20 Signs You’re From Minnesota

20 Signs You’re From Minnesota

signs you're from Minnesota are unmistakable. Minnesota nice is a thing and going up north in Minnesota are traditions a Minnesota resident knows.

I consider myself to be a Minnesota Girl. There are certain aspects of life in Minnesota that make us a little… well… Wild. Here are the signs you’re from Minnesota!

1. You are extremely good at driving in the snow.

Like really good. It’s practically in your blood.

2. Perkins is your late night hang out spot.

Sharing pancakes and swapping stories. That sounds like the best night out to me.


3. You have probably walked across the Mississippi.

Or just gone hiking thru Itasca State Park. Climbed the Fire towers, ridden the ferry, Hugged a really big tree.

4. You have been known to chase Loons around the lake on a boat.

You have also been known to try and imitate their call. They always swim away though. This is a true one of those signs you’re from Minnesota.

5. Either you or one of your friends live on a Lake.

And usually, that friend or yourself have a bunch of big toys to play with on the lake. Personally, nothing compares to tubing or knee boarding behind the boat.


6. You go “Up North” to vacation.

Because why leave the state when you already live in paradise. Okay, maybe I’m biased.

7. Lakes get in your way when your driving.

You love them but they sure get in the way.

8. You correct the Licence Plates.

Actually, it’s 15,000. Fun Fact, there are 15,291 lakes in Minnesota.


9. You probably have slept in the stables at fair with your animals.

You love them and don’t want them to be lonely in there new environment.

10. You try to avoid the Mall of America at any costs.

It’s a big tourist attraction and you know it. However, it does make a good winter getaway.

11. It’s very rare that you actually get a snow day.

You were breed in the snow. It’s in your blood.


12. It’s called Pop.

Not soda. Not Soda Pop. Just Pop.

13.  You use “You Betcha” a lot.

It’s just the local slang. Oh, you betcha it is.

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14. You have trouble justifying summer trips when there is a lake down the street.

Again I state. Why leave Paradise?

15. You know who this is.

16. You know that Mosquitos are the state bird.

… And Pest. Man I hate those Pesky buggers

17. When driving to the cities you tend to stop at the Clearwater rest stop

Nelson Brothers Bakery is the best.


18. Caramel Rolls over Cinnamon Rolls every time.

Those sticky gooey things are the best. Now I want one (Or ten)

19. You have gone to Zorba’s at least once.

Usually right on the lake, good pizza. What else can I say?

20. You are Minnesota Nice.

But also extremely passive aggressive.

Let us know what you think about these signs you’re from Minnesota in the comments below!
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