10 Signs You’re From Maryland

Coming from Maryland, there are a lot of things you can relate to like blue crabs and Old Bay. Here are the top 10 signs you're from Maryland!

Every state has its claim to fame, whether it’s Hollywood in California, beautiful beaches in Florida or Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Every state has something it’s known for and in Maryland, it’s our blue crabs. We have things that defines us as Marylanders. Here are the 10 signs you’re from Maryland!

1. You put old bay on everything.

Putting old bay on JUST crabs is just not heard of if you come from Maryland. Old bay can go on french fries, popcorn, chips… the list goes on and on. Old bay does not taste gross on anything.

10 Signs You're From Maryland

2. You say “OH!” during the national anthem.

When it comes time for the national anthem during a sports game, the stadium erupts with the sound of everyone shouting “OH!”. The only downfall from this is going out of state and not knowing if you should say it or not, so you result to sadly whispering it to yourself when the time comes.

3. You realized you aren’t considered a northerner or a southerner.

When traveling down south, people usually say, “Oh you’re from the north” and when traveling up north, people say, “Oh you’re from the south”. We can never win.

4. You grew up calling all Sperry’s “boat shoes”.

Honestly I had no idea they had a real name up until a few years ago.10 Signs You're From Maryland

5.  You take having two capitals cities around you for granted.

Maryland is surrounded by two very historical cities (Washington D.C and Annapolis). Everyone from Maryland takes this for granted.

6. You grow up learning lacrosse isn’t a sport, it’s a lifestyle.

Lacrosse is everywhere in Maryland. If you’re from Maryland, chances are you have played at some point. I mean we have two nationally ranked lacrosse teams at the University of Maryland, so that says something, am I right?

7. You use words no one has ever heard before.

Obviously most states or areas have specific lingo, but Marylanders have a whole different language. Going out of state ad using words like “siced” “bet” or calling your grandparents “jimmy and sally” you get some weird looks.10 Signs You're From Maryland

8. You hate everyone who hates seafood.

Maryland has four main food groups crabs, seafood, old bay and more seafood. If you are from Maryland you pretty much love seafood.

10 Signs You're From Maryland

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9. You are perfectly equipped to handle any weather.

We have the hottest of hottest summers and the coldest of coldest winter. You can also experience all four seasons in four days. It could be snowing on Christmas and then sunny and 75 the next day.

10 Signs You're From Maryland

10. You have a crab sticker with a Maryland flag design somewhere in your possession.

This one is just inevitable. It’s either on your car, your laptop or your folder. You know it’s there.

10 Signs You're From Maryland

Do you have any other signs you’re from Maryland!? Share in the comments below!

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