20 Signs You’re From Central Jersey

Although Central Jersey may not be the most well known place in the world, us natives love it and wouldn't trade it for the world.

While some may not realize that Central Jersey is, indeed, a real and awesome place; I am here to tell all about the life of a Central Jersey native. I love where I’m from and wouldn’t trade it for the world, so if you’re anything like me, keep reading to uncover the 20 signs you’re from Central Jersey.

1. You recognize Central Jersey as a real place.

People will deny it, but Central New Jersey is a very real (and amazing) place. Generally only people who actually live here acknowledge it, but you don’t need the approval of others to know that you live in the best place in the country.

2. …and your non-central NJ friends poke fun at you for it.

To outsiders, Central Jersey is a joke. Let them laugh, we still have our pride (and our pizza).

3. You know all the best places to get a bagel.

4. …and when you’re in the mood for a breakfast sandwich, you order pork roll.

Sorry North Jersey, but Central and South have you beat in this debate. It’s pork roll, not Taylor Ham. Controversy settled.

5. Your judgement for pizza is second to none.

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6. …and when you’re out of state, pizza is simply not an option when it comes to meals.*

You already know you’ll be faced with disappointment when eating non-Jersey pizza, so why even bother? *unless you’re in New York.

7. Diners hold a very special place in your heart.

Especially the 24 hour ones.

8. …and each time you eat at one, you have to order disco fries.

It’s baffling that some people are deprived the yummy goodness that is disco fries. Consisting of french fries, gravy, and melted cheese, it’s the perfect snack at any time on any day.

9. You don’t have the stereotypical *Joisey* accent.

“Did you *heah* about the *dawg* who drank all that *cawfee*?” Nah. This isn’t the Real Housewives of NJ.

10. Speaking of reality TV… you HATE when people make assumptions about NJ based off of shows like “Jersey Shore.”

Most of the cast aren’t even real New Jersey natives.

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11. You’ve been on at least one class trip to Great Adventure, and you’ve been on each ride at least once.

12. You’ve been to countless football/basketball games at Rutgers.

Go Scarlet Knights!

13. …and at least one of your friends/ family members is a Rutgers alum.

Not to mention, they are proud of it. You’ll understand if you know one.

14. You’ve taken nature walks at the Sourland Mountain Preserve, Round Valley Reservoir, or Washington Rock State Park (or maybe all 3).

15. In the summer, you don’t go to the beach, you go down the shore.

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16. You’ve cheered on your favorite Minor League baseball team: the Somerset Patriots.

Who doesn’t love a team with a big fluffy dog for a mascot?! (Love ya Sparkee!)

17. …and chances are you’ve probably been down on the field at least once.

Whether it was to perform with a dance / cheer team, walk with a recreational sports team, or compete in the 7th inning contest, we’ve all been there.

18. Your zip code starts somewhere between 085 – 089.

19. Your phone number area code is most likely 908 (or 732).

20. And finally, no matter where life may take you, you know that Central New Jersey will always be your home.

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So these are the 20 signs that you’re from Central Jersey. Share your thoughts and any questions in the comment section down below!
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