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10 Signs You’re From Central Florida

10 Signs You’re From Central Florida

Living in the sunshine state definitely has it's perks; and living right next to Disney? Even better! These are a few signs you're from Central Florida!

In general, living in Florida has so many perks and comes with the opportunity for so many great adventures. Especially with major theme parks, concerts, and sporting events, it’s safe to say that Central Florida is one of the greatest places to live within the Sunshine State. Read this article to find out if you are a true Central Floridian. 

1. You’ve known to avoid theme parks during peak season since you were little.

Yes it’s cool to look at all of the holiday decorations around the parks; however, it’s a lot nicer to be able to walk around the parks in the middle of October without 15,000 sweaty tourists.


2. You would rather get a root canal than face I-4 during rush hour.

Let’s face it: the root canal will take less time, will involve less screaming, and will be incredibly less painful.

3. You still use the name “Downtown Disney”, and you always will.

Disney Springs is just entirely too much to remember. Some things just don’t need to be changed.


4. When you tell people where you’re from they automatically assume you live at Disney World or Universal.

“Where are you from?” “Central Florida. Close to Orlando.” “Oh my gosh! You must go to Disney World and Universal ALL the time.”

5. Even though you denied that you live at Disney or Universal, you are guilty of having annual passes to at least one of them.

You’re from Central Florida! How could you not spend the majority of your free time at all of the major theme parks!?


6. Most of your field trips as a child were either to Medieval Times or The Science Center.

You hated being on the losing team when you were at Medieval Times; and you probably have a picture in front of the T-Rex skeleton at The Science Center.  

7. By the time you were 5 years old, you knew how to run away from an alligator.


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8. Rain doesn’t ruin your day… because you know it will only last ten minutes, at most.

The Weather Channel is calling for a 90% chance of rain? That’s fine, lets go to the beach! We can eat lunch while we wait out the storm.


9. Your summers were spent at Wet n’ Wild.

Even though the park is now closed down and demolished, you are still scared from the sight of tourists in bathing suits.

10. When you go on vacation, odds are you never left the state.

Because odds are if you are from Central Florida, you find a way to make every day seem as if it is a vacation.


These are 10 of the most relatable signs you’re from Central Florida. Can you think of any more? Share in the comments!
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