12 Signs You’re From Cartersville, GA

There are just some things you and the people from your hometown understand that no one else can. Read on to relate to the 12 signs you’re from Cartersville, GA.

1. You’ve taken a picture in front of the Coca-Cola sign.

Everybody from Cartersville, GA knows that this sign was the first outdoor Coca-Cola sign and that’s what makes this one great for pictures. Whether it’s for your homecoming pictures or just a casual outing with friends, this wall always makes sure that your Instagram shots are perfect.

This is how you know you're from Cartersville, GA

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2. You eat at Coconuts in the summer.

This tiny shop in downtown Cartersville has the best ice cream you can get. Whether you’re going for coffee ice cream or turtle tracks, they’re sure to have the kind just for you. In the Georgia heat, ice cream is a must.

This is how you know you're from Cartersville, GA

3. You hoped the Kona truck would come by your house.

When you were too lazy to leave your house, you’d always hope that the Kona would come by and you could get a snow cone. Kona would always be there in the summer whether they were at football games, school functions, or they were just running through your neighborhood, you’d always get excited when you could hear the tropical music coming.

This is how you know you're from Cartersville, GA

4. You were excited when the Panera Bread was built.

When Panera was built, I remember how excited everyone from Cartersville, GA was because it was the first new restaurant in a long time. Everyone had to go to it after it had opened up, and it’s still a great spot to grab lunch with your friends.

5. You get excited to see the Cartersville Christmas parade.

Whether you knew someone in the parade or you were in the parade yourself, watching the parade was always exciting. It was the one time a year that it would get really cold and people would watch from their truck beds, wrapped up in blankets as the floats and bands passed by.

This is how you know you're from Cartersville, GA

6. You’re shocked when you go somewhere else and the weather isn’t bipolar.

The weather in Cartersville can be 90 degrees one day and 24 degrees the next day. It can go from being sunny in the morning to raining in the afternoon. It’s always hard to plan outfits here. There’s always that shock that comes when you visit somewhere else and the weather is consistent all day and all week.

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7. You’ve hiked Pine Mountain.

Hiking Pine Mountain is always an easy Saturday morning hangout for you and your group of friends. Not only is it an easy and short hike, but the view at the top is worth the whole trip. This is a great activity for friends looking to get active together.

This is how you know you're from Cartersville, GA

8. You’ve been late for work or school because of a train.

I don’t know who decided where to put the railroad tracks, but they must have been evil to put them on all the major roads that lead into town. If you’re from Cartersville, GA I guarantee a train has made you late for work or school at least once.

9. You had to go on a school field trip to the Booth Western Museum or the Tellus Museum.

Having these two famous Museums right in Cartersville makes them hotspots for school fieldtrips. Going to the Tellus museum to learn about electricity or dig for rocks and fossils was a favorite for many science loving kids and getting to look at old western art in the booth museum was something every Cartersville kid has done.

This is how you know you're from Cartersville, GA

This is how you know you're from Cartersville, GA

10. You take prom pictures at the Euharlee Covered Bridge or at Rose Lawn.

These two spots were always the most popular when it came to getting prom pictures taken. There would always be crowds of people waiting just to get started for pictures. Girls would be done hours early just to make sure they got pictures done in enough time to go to prom.

This is how you know you're from Cartersville, GA

This is how you know you're from Cartersville, GA

11. You go to Waffle House after football games on Friday nights.

The Waffle House was always packed after games. You would go with your friends and families right after and cram into booths to get a late night meal. You knew everyone in the restaurant because you’d just cheered on your team together and whether your team won or lost, you knew you’d be getting a waffle to celebrate the game soon.

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12. Walmart is the place to go at midnight.

Knowing that Walmart was the only place open past 9 o’clock besides the Waffle House, this is where most kids went to hang out when they were bored. You’d fill up the car with your friends and steal twenty bucks from your parents and go blow on whatever random thing you could find at Walmart.

What are some other signs you’re from Cartersville, GA? Share in the comments below!
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