12 Signs You’re From Buffalo, New York

We are a lot more than just chicken wings. If you from Buffalo you get that nobody can talk about Buffalo except Buffalonians because we really know its charm. Here are 12 signs you are one of us and grew up in Buffalo, New York.

1. You swear by Franks Hot Sauce and REFUSE to use any other brand.

Because who is really better than Franks? No one.

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2. You love the bills even though the kind of suck most of the time.

But we tailgate HARD ASF!!!!! And that doesn’t mean we won’t show up in negative degree weather hats, scarves, and jerseys.

3. Loganberry is the best drink EVER!

As long as it’s Aunt Rosie’s Loganberry.

4. It’s Pop, not soda.

And stop calling lollipops, lollipops. They are suckers, damn it!

5. We make THE BEST wings, obviously.

This isn’t up for debate. Wing Kings, Duffs, and Anchor Bar. Need I say more?

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6. To us they are not Chicken Wings or Buffalo Wings they’re just Wings!

7. A majority of your change is really Canadian.

8. Everyone Is Polish On Dyngus Day & everyone is Irish a few days later for the parade.

9. Don’t boil our hot dogs and they better be Sahlens.

And there better be grill markings on my hotdogs. Yes I know it’s weird I like them a lil’ burnt.

10. The October Storm was the time of your life if you were a kid/teen.

We didn’t go to school for like a month.

11. A snow storm doesn’t stop you from going 60 MPH down the road but a pothole just might.

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12. You know all 4 seasons:

Almost winter, winter, still winter, construction.

What are your memories of growing up in Buffalo, New York? Let us know in the comments below!
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