20 Signs You’re From Asheville North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina, the thriving food and culture capital of the south. From the Blue Ridge Mountains to the hustling streets of downtown, here are 20 signs you’re from Asheville North Carolina and grew up in this wonderful mountain town:

1. Cookout

You know that cookout is the premium pre-party gathering place. Everyone love their milkshakes and trays.

Eating Cookout is one of many Signs You're From Asheville North Carolina!

2. Hiking

Hiking always involves major sunsets at the end.

3. Drum Circle

Fridays often involve shaking what your mama gave you down with all the bongos. Turns out – we all have an inner hippie!

4. Beer

Even if you’re not 21, you probably know more about beer than the average human, thanks to all the micro breweries.

5. Floating Down the River

You know that the number one way to cool down in the summer time is to float down the French broad with a group of friends.

6. Water Falls

Have you told anyone about your adrenaline addiction for jumping off water falls?

7. Blue Ridge Parkway

You feel most free when you’re driving on the blue ridge parkway with the windows down and music blaring.

8. Ginger Bread Houses

Your favorite Christmas time activity is to marvel at all the crazy gingerbread houses at the Grove Park Inn.

9. Chocolate Lounge

All other chocolate has been ruined because you’ve had way too many “treat yo self” days at the chocolate lounge. Chocolate will never be that good again!

10. Chacos

You have at least one pair of Chacos sandals in your closet, and they go with everything.

11. Condom Fashion

Wait – others places don’t have fashion shows where the clothes are made entirely of condoms?

12. Expression

You never bat an eye when you see someone expressing who they truly are because you believe in our saying, “Keep Asheville Weird”.

13. Pub Cycle

Dancing with the people who are peddling for their lives and drinking as much beer as they possibly can on the Pub Cycle is where you showed off your best moves.

14. A Nun Riding a 9 ft. tall Bicycle

It’s the last thing other people would expect, but to you, it’s completely normal.

15. The Orange Peel

You saw your first concert in this little room and you got to meet the lead singer by the stage door.

16. Locally Made Items

We all have that one drawer of locally made crafts somewhere in our houses. You probably buy some hog every time the markets pop up.

17. Nature

You feel at your best when you are surrounded by trees and animals.

18. Food

White Duck Taco and Doc Chey’s are staples in your diet. All of our hearts broke when we learned that Doc Chey’s would be closing in August.

19. Traffic and Tourism

You always complain about the traffic and the hoards of tourists, and often say how Asheville used to be just for the locals.

20. Being Grateful

But at the end, you are glad that you were able to grow up in the beautiful and thriving town, which you will always consider home.

Let us know down below if you’re from Asheville North Carolina!

featured image source: https://salsaspeaks.wordpress.com/
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