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50 Signs You’re Definitely From Arizona

50 Signs You’re Definitely From Arizona

Whether or not you were born and raised in Arizona and have lived there your whole life or are still becoming accustomed to the true Arizona lifestyle, there are certain things only people who are from Arizona truly understand. If you’re from Arizona, or happen to attend school in Arizona, keep reading!

1. No Mexican food from anywhere else in the US, especially on the East coast, tastes quite as authentic and amazing.

2. When outside of Arizona and in places with a lot of greenery, you really appreciate it because you’re used to seeing dust, dirt, rocks, browns and oranges.

3. There are few extreme pains that you experience as often as coming in contact with a seat belt buckle during the summer.

4. You’ve left Chapstick in the car to melt and ruined the upholstery.

Or even worse, (if it’s inside of a bag) gotten several things messy with liquefied balm.

5. You’ve been inside of or within a few miles of those massive, end-of-the-world looking haboobs.


And are annoyed when you go to any daylight savings state.


7. Earlier mornings don’t necessarily mean more pleasant weather.

90-100 degrees in the AM happens often.

8. You’ve seen your fair share of gorgeous sunsets.

They combine with the mountains for some beautiful, aesthetically satisfying moments that are seen so often, many folks take them for granted.

9. The most intense rivalry you take part in is the Arizona Wildcat vs. Arizona State Sun Devils.

You’ve chosen your side and love to rub it in the other’s face when victorious in particular college sports.


10. The lack of earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters is great, but…

We have our own terrors in the forms of various insects, reptiles, arachnids and potentially harmful animals.

11. Even if you haven’t lived in Scottsdale but only visited, you know that it’s widely considered a wealthy, (dare I say, rude) snooty area.

I mean it has a reputation, and you’ve probably heard people refer to it as Snobsdale or Snotsdale.

12. You can identify the snowbirds easily.

Just as a New Yorker would be able to recognize the tourists who stand out like a sore thumb.


13. When it rains you realize that a large portion of drivers can’t handle it well.

This is frustrating considering we have heavy precipitation during monsoon season every year.

14. If it snows outside you can expect all of social media to be filled with photos and weather reports that anyone with a window is already aware of.

15. You’ve had bacon wrapped, bean, mayo, tomato, onion and mustard-covered hotdogs, known as Sonoran-style.

16. Arizona Iced Tea is something you’d like to be proud of, despite the fact that it’s based out of Woodbury, New York.

17. You have an opinion on illegal immigration and you’ve likely had debates with others about it.

18. You’ve mastered the art of driving with a pant-covered thigh or just your index and middle fingers.

Because the steering wheel is so, incredibly, scorching hot.

19. “It’s a dry heat” is basically your unofficial slogan.

20. The appeal of a parking spot depends not on its distance, but on the amount of shade it provides.

21. You know what Eegees are.



22. Seeing people walk around with a gun on their side is just kind of whatever.

Because adults can openly carry loaded firearms.

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23. Leather seats + shorts = big mistake.

24. Even when it’s hot outside, you often have to carry a sweater around.

Why? Because restaurants and other businesses keep their A/C as cold as possible.


25. You’ve never driven an ambulance to the hospital emergency room…

But you’ve tried to get chocolate from the grocery store to your home before it melts in an Arizona July, which is pretty darn close.

26. We don’t mow lawns.

We pull weeds and rake rocks to upkeep our front yards.

27. You’ve almost, or actually have hit coyotes that make unexpected appearances on the roads from time to time.

28. You’re aware of what a bolo tie is and perhaps have even worn one.

29. You’ve never even been to the Grand Canyon.

That’s more of a touristy thing to do and a lot of actual Arizona residents don’t have a sense of urgency to visit because hey, it’s always only going to be a short road trip away.


30. You’ve seen Breaking Bad and wonder why they didn’t choose Arizona over New Mexico.

31. During the summer you swear you want winter and during the winter you vow to appreciate summer.

32. Even on a cloudy day you’ll probably look for a shady spot to park.

33. You also hold a serious opinion about the quality of a restaurant’s salsa.

34. You probably have a bottle of hot sauce or salsa sitting in your fridge at home or at the office.

35. You have a strong opinion about whether or not you’ll cheer on the Cardinals this fall.

36. Streakers are a common sight in Tempe.

37. You don’t forget sunblock. Ever.

38. You always shake out your shoes for scorpions or snakes.

39. You never stop drinking water (or any liquids for that matter).

40. You might want to learn a little Spanish.

41. Cowboys are real because they’re our ranchers.

42. Dust is just a part of life here.

43. You always watch out for rattlesnakes.

But not all diamondbacks need to be feared. #Baseball

44. You can enjoy the heat but your phone probably won’t.

45. Ghost Towns can be pretty sweet.

46. The vortexes here are quite peaceful.

47. Native American Culture is everywhere in Arizona.

48. Some of the best food comes from the back of a truck.

49. Dutch Bros is life.

50. If you’re a jeans-and-sweater kind of person, you’ve somehow found a way to wear them all four seasons.

Even in the summer.


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