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20 Signs You’re Definitely An Incoming Freshman

20 Signs You’re Definitely An Incoming Freshman

There are things that all college students go through when they are incoming freshman. These are 20 sure tell signs you're a freshman!

Being an incoming freshman is one of the most exciting and stressful parts of being a college student! There are so many emotions and new things to experience. We all go through the same experiences and it’s important to know that you definitely aren’t alone. These are 20 signs any incoming freshman can relate to!

 20 signs any incoming freshman can relate to!

1. You have hundreds of dorm ideas pinned in your Pinterest

And you have no idea how you are going to fit all that decor in such a tiny space

2. Finding your perfect roommate on Facebook suddenly has become your number one priority

Because let’s be real, there aren’t too many people who can handle your craziness

 20 signs any incoming freshman can relate to!

3. You are willing to do ANYTHING to not get assigned a dorm in the West Campus towers.

Over my dead body.

4. You couldn’t stop smiling after getting your full season football tickets

Is this real life?!

5. Being forced to participate in the painful awkwardness of Orientation

Do I really need to become best friends with everyone in this room?

6. Scheduling classes was more stressful than any test you have ever taken

How many credits do I need again?

 20 signs any incoming freshman can relate to!

7. Ultimately ending up with a horrible schedule

How bad can a monday 8AM chem lab possibly be?

8. You are convinced every person is smarter than you

“You’re taking how many honors courses?!”

9. Getting out of your comfort zone is a daily occurrence

Whether it’s trying a new dining hall alone or taking a class you never imagined yourself in, freshmen win when it comes to trying new things.

10. You convince yourself to buy something because it’s “for college!”

You know you’re totally going to need 17 different cute blankets for your room for sure.

11. You want to sign up for just about EVERY club

Most of them are really cool, but trust me a couple is plenty.

 20 signs any incoming freshman can relate to!

12. Winging your foreign language and math placement tests because you have absolutely no clue

They can’t seriously expect you to remember all of those conjugations after two years can they?

13. Getting Intimidated by the sheer number of students on campus

After a while everyone finds their own happy buckeye family.

14. You know you  need to mentally prepare yourself for move-in day

The chaos is real people.

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15. You tell yourself you will go to the gym everyday

The freshmen 15 is alive and well.

 20 signs any incoming freshman can relate to!

16. Getting your BuckID was just as exciting as getting your driver’s license

You probably don’t like your picture but you’re so excited that you don’t even care.

17. You want every possible item of OSU gear

Whether it’s your birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, everyone knows you just want another jersey.

18. Having people ask about where you’re going to school only gets you more excited

You can’t help being excited, and we don’t blame you, Ohio State is pretty awesome.

19. Packing is just as insane as you thought it would be

“I’ll definitely need this costume from my dance recital in 1st grade, right?”

20. You are so glad you get to be a buckeye

Welcome to the best school on the planet, enjoy every minute of being a freshman, and every second of being a buckeye.

 20 signs any incoming freshman can relate to!

Do you have any other signs you’re an incoming freshman!? Share in the comments below!

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