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15 Signs You’re Definitely A Procrastinator

15 Signs You’re Definitely A Procrastinator

If you are a procrastinator you know its sometimes stressful. Regardless, we end up getting the job done last minute. Here are signs you're a procrastinator

Procrastination is the phenomenon of conveniently forgetting the existence of a task of a task until the last possible minute. Students everywhere are intimately familiar with this particular term; and can undoubtedly relate to these signs.


1. There’s never enough time.

Whether it’s completing an assignment or studying for a test, there never seems to be enough time to get it done and squeeze in a good night’s sleep or cut into your do nothing time. 

2. All nighters.

The night before the deadline is spent scrambling to put together something that makes sense or cramming every possible bit of information you can absorb.

3. Coffee is your best friend.

The bitter, black blend that helps you trudge through the last hours of trying to finish everything you know you should have done days ago.

4. Panic! On the telephone.

Calling up your friends and trying to reassure yourself that if all of you haven’t done it, it’s going to be okay. (even though that defies all logic.) 

5. Pooping Bull.

You have developed an uncanny ability to bluff through almost any subject. Vague, generic statements that can’t be traced back to any data are every students fail safe. 

6. Paraphrasing like Boss.

Where one cannot plagiarise, one must paraphrase. That one friend who actually does work on time, which gets “changed up a bit” before being given in.

7. Identity Crisis.

Sometimes you wonder whether you’re a procrastinator, or just plain lazy. It’s the ultimate dilemma as to which label best justifies your lack of work ethic or an intense search for motivation aka last minute panic.

8. Pre-test mess.

You’re never put together before walking into a test. Overloaded with notes and information (that you swear you’ve never heard before!), you’re a certified mess.

9. Sick day.

Suddenly falling sick on the day of a deadline, only to miraculously recover enough to sit and finish the assignment during that day.

10. Change the date.

“Today? I’m absolutely sure that isn’t due till tomorrow.”  The standard dose of innocence and cluelessness to get you out of trouble.

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11. Homework SparkNotes.

“Dude, can you summarize it?” applies to assignments, notes, topics that may come in an exam or a lecture that you zoned out on. However, this question only shows five minutes before it’s going to be relevant and it’s physically impossible to summarize it fast enough.

12. Research is fun.

The hour starts with typing laws of Thermodynamics  and somewhere along the way you find yourself at cat flushing the toilet.

13. Break, break, wor-, break.

The work just cuts into your doing-nothing time. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy; but all play and no work makes you a procrastinator! 

14. Verbum Reparo!

Spell-check becomes your best friend when typing at the speed of light. Ten minutes before it’s due, you can’t be fixing the grammar; you’ve got the conclusion to finish.

15. Resolve.

Every single time any of these happen, you promise yourself you’ll start early next time. 100th times the charm? Right?

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