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15 Signs You’re Dating A Gemini

15 Signs You’re Dating A Gemini

With the Gemini season fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to learn more about how your fellow Zodiac sign presents themselves in a relationship. Since they are represented by the twins, their flexibility, duality, and playfulness are the core characteristics that make compile what a Gemini displays. Here are some signs that you’re dating a Gemini, that will hopefully help anyone navigate a relationship with this complex sign.

1. They are curious and love to learn new things:

Geminis are known to be imaginative and have a love for books as well as movies. They also might be interested in art as a way of expression. Or, they might be vivid storytellers and use that talent to enter a creative career field. No matter what they choose to do with their free time and lives, you can be sure that a Gemini always has a ton of fun ideas going on in their head and millions of things they are curious about.

15 Signs You’re Dating A Gemini


2. They love to travel:

If you are someone who has been bitten by the wanderlust bug, then you’ll love being in a relationship with a Gemini. The fact that they are curious, dreamers, and always down to try new things are some of the main perks of this Zodiac sign. But because of their deep need for change and movement, they are also restless and have trouble being still physically and mentally. If your partner is always coming up with new trip ideas and places they want to go, they could be a Gemini.

15 Signs You’re Dating A Gemini

3. They are witty and clever:

If you want to date a sign that is known for their clever jokes and witty phrases then dating a Gemini would definitely be for you. They always have a comeback or a retort that will make hanging out with them much more interesting than any other sign.


4. They can be changeable and unpredictable:

Geminis are flexible and adaptable at their best, but notoriously unpredictable and reckless at their worst. The fact that they can so easily adapt to their surroundings is great, but the unpredictability of never knowing when they are going to change their mind or opinion can make parts of your relationship with them feel like a rollercoaster.

5. They’re flirtatious:

Geminis are known for their effortless flirtation! If you’re someone who values fun, romantic gestures or if flirtatious banter is always part of your vocabulary, then easing into a relationship with this sign will be one of the easiest things you will ever do.

15 Signs You’re Dating A Gemini


6. They might have trouble showing their true emotions:

Geminis might have trouble showing what they really feel, particularly negative or romantic emotions. This can make them seem like they don’t really care although they usually do very deeply. When first starting out in a relationship, a Gemini might try to hide their worst moods and the feelings they are developing for their partner. However, they are also prone to strong emotions that ebb and flow. What bothers them one day might not really get to them on another. What some might simply write off as “mood swings” is the Gemini’s way of releasing some of their emotions that they typically hide. Gemini’s really are emotional feelers, though they might not want to admit it.

7. They are a social butterfly:

Don’t be surprised if your Gemini boyfriend or girlfriend is a raging extrovert that is always dragging you to the latest party or social event. They are also great communicators, in relationships and throughout their many trips out on the town or dinners with close friends. You’ll rarely find them standing off to the side or sitting at the end of the table. They like to be in the thick of social interaction.

15 Signs You’re Dating A Gemini


8. They are fiercely independent:

Geminis are independent and seek their independence to the max. They need a partner who won’t completely tie them down; one they can feel free with. These needs cause Geminis to tire quickly of protective or jealous partners. It’s always best to give a Gemini some time alone and some space when they need it, whether you’re in a romantic relationship with a Gemini or they are a close friend.

9. They are loyal in relationships:

When they’ve found the right relationship, someone that they have a deep intellectual attachment with, they are loyal to the end. Geminis are also beyond loyal in close friendships and only want the best for the people who value them and who they value in return. Although some Geminis have been known to not want to settle down, once a Gemini feels like they don’t have to be held back by a person they will let themselves completely commit.

15 Signs You’re Dating A Gemini

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10. They are playful and can be childish:

Geminis are some of the most playful people when it comes to Astro signs. They love to joke around and goof off and will definitely be one of the funniest people you know. But they can also be childish. While this can be a good thing if you value constant fun times in your relationship, it can get a little old when big life decisions start to come up and they start to handle themselves and their emotions like a child might.15 Signs You’re Dating A Gemini

11. They can be nosy and prone to gossip:

Although they are completely loyal in serious romantic relationships and close friendships, they can be prone to gossip or talking about people behind their backs. This mostly happens when they feel a sense of close solidarity with the person they are talking to and it doesn’t necessarily mean they are “two-faced”, as some other signs might claim. But If you’re someone who feels uncomfortable with the idea of a little gossip, it should be something you bring up with your Gemini partner.


12. They value communication in a relationship:

Though they may have trouble showing their negative emotions, if a Gemini is with the right person they will want to talk and communicate about everything under the sun. From small talk to in-depth conversations about the future, they really value verbal cues and verbal compatibility in a relationship.

13. They are spontaneous:

Geminis love to travel, learn new things, and party with friends but they are also very spontaneous when it comes to these things. They’re also spontaneous in various aspects of their romantic relationships. Whether it be intimacy or going on an adventure, a lot of the time Gemini’s will do things spur of the moment. They often look at life like a journey, not a trip with a specific destination, so be prepared to always go on a wild ride with your Gemini.

15 Signs You’re Dating A Gemini


14. They can be indecisive:

Along with being fully changeable and unpredictable, Geminis can also be indecisive. This is the other side of their bright spontaneity. While for some social events or other life decisions not related to dating might result in a quick choice for them, when it comes to relationships they can have a hard time deciding what is right for them and their partner. This is also where their need for communication comes in and this sign will be prepared to work out any doubts or issues you both have.

15. They can be distractable:

With their minds always going, a Gemini might find it hard to stay one train of thought. They might find it also hard to consistently focus on their partner. This can be an endearing quirk; they are always ready to move on to the next thing and have a million ideas going through their minds at all times, but sometimes it can take a toll on a budding relationship.

 Do you know of any other signs that you are dating a Gemini? Let us know in the comments below!
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