10 Signs Youre Dating A Fuck Girl

Dating a fuck girl comes with a lot of very telling signs. Here are some of the signs you're dating a girl you probably need to dump!

First things first, a fuck boy or a fuck girl refers to a person who is not interested in a long-term relationship and is only dating you to pass their time or up the glamour quotient of their lives until they find someone better! So how do you identify such girls & dump them out of your life? Read on to find out!

1. Dodges your questions about your relationship

Whenever you ask her about your relationship or about other guys, she never gives a straight answer because she is talking with several other guys at a time. She does not take the relationship seriously at all and wants to fulfill no responsibilities that come with it.

2. Her friends don’t know about you

When you meet her friends, they seem to not know you at all. While all your friends may know about this girl, her friends haven’t even heard about you because you are not an exclusive couple and they do not treat you like her boyfriend.

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3. Disappears for days without contacting

You do not get a message for days and when you try contacting her, the responses you get do not seem sincere or apologetic. Your girl leaves you high and dry for days and this is a clear sign of bad relationship.

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4. Doesn’t introduce you as her boyfriend

When you meet somebody new, she does not introduce you at all or introduces you as a friend. This can be a major sign that she is not ready to treat this as a relationship. You can now begin to feel neglected in the relationship.

5. Flirts with other boys

No girl who is loyal to her partner would ever flirt or engage with other boys but a fuck girl would not only flirt with them but will also entertain their advances towards her. She dates several boys at a time using hookup websites and makes you feel let down in front of other boys – so, make sure to check her phone.

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6. Never posts photos of you both on social media

While a healthy relationship does not need boasting on social media, a post once in a while expressing your love for each other is harmless. The girl you are dating refuses to acknowledge your presence in her life and you guys have absolutely no presence on the social media together.

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7. All she ever wants to do is clubbing and drinking

When was the last time you guys indulged in Netflix and chill? A healthy relationship requires a good balance of being comfortable in the company of each other but all your girl wants to do with you is to take you clubbing and drinking as an arm candy.

8. Only invites you in for a booty call

Has she ever invited you to her place or cuddled with you after sex? If she is only interested in sex and then leaves the place immediately after the act, she is not interested in any emotional bonding at all.

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9. Treats you like an ATM

Blew half your salary on a new handbag she liked? A mature and serious couple understands their financial standing and spend money on things they both like and love to do. While an occasional gift or a splurge is completely ok, treating you like an ATM for all expenses is certainly not.

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10. She is overly concerned about her looks

All girls love looking pretty and should definitely spend some time in looking presentable but they should also be comfortable in being their own self in front of their partner. If your girl is spending way too much time and money on her brow and nail appointments instead of spending it with you, this can be a sure sign.


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