6 Signs You’re Being Catfished… And What To Do About It

If you think you're being catfished but aren't quite sure, then these are the tell tale signs to listen too that will prove if it's real or fake.

Social Media has given us the opportunity to live a second life. Imagine talking to someone for a certain amount of time and eventually falling in love with that person then to find out everything about them was a lie. A “catfish” is a person who pretends to be someone else. Some catfish have used this idea as a social experiment to see if their personality would attract someone if they looked different. While others do it to get revenge from family members and friends. If you watch the show Catfish on MTV, you should know the most iconic episode was when a girl catfished her cousin because he called a fat Kelly Price. Being catfished is no joke, it can mess with the victim’s finances, mental health and dating life. I have a friend who is currently in a long distance relationship with a catfish. She won’t admit the fact that the relationship is fake because she is in love with the persona of the catfish. If you think you’re getting catfished and ready to email Nev and Max. Here are 6 signs you’re being catfished and what you can do about it!

This is one of the biggest signs you're being catfished!

1. A Catfish Has No Desire To Facetime

It’s fucking 2018, every smartphone and computer has a built-in camera. Exchanging text and selfies can get boring, having the option to see someone’s facial expressions and have a “face to face” conversation will strengthen an online relationship. . They shouldn’t be coming up with excuses like “My computer doesn’t have a webcam…. I broke my phone’s camera.” How can all those items be broken but you’re sending that person selfies that were obviously taken from a smartphone or computer. If your online partner doesn’t want to have a video chat session, that’s a major sign of being catfished.

This is one of the biggest signs you're being catfished!

2. A Catfish Will Ask For Money

Never give money to someone you haven’t met in real life! A Catfish knows how to manipulate their victim. They usually wait after gaining your trust to start bringing up stories or events involving money. Some people may use catfishing as a way to make money. If your partner keeps bringing up reasons like struggling to pay bills or needing money to pay for the surgery, it’s a sign that you’re being catfished.

This is one of the biggest signs you're being catfished!

3. A Catfish Will Ask For Nudes

Sexting is popular amongst our generation, it’s fine to sext as long as YOU want to do it. Don’t send nudes to someone you don’t trust or never met. That person may have ulterior motives to exploit you. Most importantly if you’re exchanging nudes with another person, sometimes they’re sending you nudes that aren’t them. If someone is threatening to expose your nudes on the internet, please call the police. Depending on your home state, that person can be charged with for revenge porn.

This is one of the biggest signs you're being catfished!

4. Their Social Media Accounts Look Suspect

It’s important to look through someone’s social media account before starting a relationship with them. Depending on their privacy settings, it will tell you when they created their account and the number of friends they have. My friend finally broke up with her catfish after noticing that all of his Facebook friends were women. If your “hot” boyfriend from Finland has 180 friends on Facebook and their all women, it’s time to cut them off. This is an important sign to identify a Catfish.

This is one of the biggest signs you're being catfished!

5. Their Story Doesn’t Add Up

Some people suck when it comes to lying. A good liar has a set amount of stories to back up their lies. It’s important to pay attention to the stories and facts, you’re being told. Imagine being told by your partner that they were born in Colorado then they switch it to Pennsylvania. It’s best to look this person up on Google to find out yourself. If you’re dealing with a catfish that is a terrible liar, let them know to get their story together.

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This is one of the biggest signs you're being catfished!

6. A Catfish Will NEVER Meet You In Real Life

If your partner is hesitating to meet you in real life, they are a catfish! Imagine dating someone who lives 2 hours away and they come up with emergencies to dodge plans of meeting in person. A long distance relationship can last until someone desires to be with their partner physically. Your partner should be open to wanting to meetthe person. We all have the desire of being able to hug and kiss our partner. I don’t have time to kiss you through the phone or send you “xoxo” after every text. If the person has no desire to meet, its a MAJOR sign that you’re being catfished.

This is one of the biggest signs you're being catfished!

7. The Solution

If you’ve noticed any of these signs in your relationship, it’s time to confront that person and let them go! A catfish will gladly waste your time, money and emotions for entertainment. No one has time to be falling in love with someone who can’t be honest about their looks and personality. Yes, you may “love” the idea of them but doesn’t’t mean they truly loved you. Honesty is the best policy in a relationship. If someone can’t be honest about themselves than they’re not meant for you. Don’t play yourself.

This is one of the biggest signs you're being catfished!

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