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10 Signs You’re An Out Of State College Student From Mass

10 Signs You’re An Out Of State College Student From Mass

Can you read an out of state college student from Mass from the minute they start speaking? Read the top 10 signs you're a college student from Mass going to school in a different state.

Planning to move away for school is all fun and games until your habits and culture from home make you stick out like a sore thumb. If you recognize or can relate to any of these experiences, you’re definitely living in a new environment with people who are more familiar with a Starbucks menu than one from Dunks. Here are 10 signs you’re an out of state college student from Mass:

1. You’ll Get Called Out on Word Choice

Contrary to popular belief, people from Mass actually use “wicked” on a daily basis. You’ll most likely hear that we have our own made up slang— “I’m hip,” “That’s beat,” and “Banging a Uey” are phrases that people need explanations. Words like “rotary” and “frappes” need further understanding too. Think twice before you ask for some “jimmies” on your ice cream cone if you’re an out of state college student from Mass.


2. No, I Don’t Think I Have an Accent

The way we talk is oddly amusing. If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me to clarify if I was going to the ROOM instead of discussing a glass of RUM, I’d be a millionaire. Occasionally,  I might say “yestaday” instead of “yesterday,” but don’t ask me to “park the car in Harvard yard”—you’ll be outstandingly disappointed. Even if you don’t think you have an accent, people can easily tell that you’re an out of state college student from Mass.

3. Going The Speed Limit = Going Too Slow

You know the second you step out of Logan you’re guaranteed to hear a few honks. If you think the driving is slow out of state, maybe it’s time to realize they’re being  cautious drivers; using blinkers, obeying the speed limit, staying in their lanes and being kind to each other.

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4. Stay True to Your Roots

If you’re an out of state college student with a great population of people from Massachusetts, make sure to be specific with your town name. There’s bound to be a few kids who will say they’re from Boston. You say you’re from Boston but live in Springfield? It’ll get pretty awkward if there are a couple kids from Mass; it’s better to explain “2 hours west of the city” than make it appear like you’re living in Southie.

5. Kiss The Rings

You don’t think Tom Brady is the GOAT? Your blood pressure may automatically rise at the sound of someone disagreeing with the greatness of the Pats, Celtics, Bruins or Red Sox. You’re willing to whip out any fact in the book to defend the Title Town; “So, like, is everyone from Mass a sports fan?”

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6. Sensitive Sally Takes a New Meaning

The sense of humor from Mass is quite distinct from those in others, particularly if you have settled south of the Mason-Dixon Line. If you’re an out of state college student from Mass, you may find yourself having to apologize for speaking in your second language of sarcasm, or having to thoroughly explain that it was merely a joke. Beware the Sensitive South.


7. Winter Apparel: Not Everyone’s Prepared for Our Blizzards

Clothing choices may vary depending on the state you’re in. While in Baltimore, no one will be wearing a “Mom coat.” You know the one I’m talking about, the to-the-knees-all-black ones. And for guys, your moccasins, grey sweats & Pats beanie might make you stick out— but only in the best kind of way.


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8. Feeling the Love

You might also tend to gravitate towards people from Mass. Meeting nice people is the best, but hearing they’re a 20-minute drive from you at home? Suddenly you’re best friends and feel an instant connection. Even if you don’t regularly see or hang out with these people, there will always be a special bond and sense of closeness to them.

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9. Wall Décor = Ultimate Pride

A giant map of the state, a close up of Fenway, and pictures of sunsets at the Cape will probably be filling your walls; a Mass pillow might be resting neatly on your bed. For boys, a Barstool flag is a must—and yes, I know that many other states love the site, but Mass will always hold a special place as it is Barstool’s birthplace. Home is where the heart is.

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10. Haters Gon’ Hate

Backlash about Mass is pretty obvious too; you might notice a large group of people from New York or New Jersey coming at you for having excessive pride about the homeland. They might even try to act like their bagels and pizza are God’s gift to the earth. Shrug them off and continue to have the most pride about the greatest place on Earth, because nothing beats the unity of culture and people from the home that you love.


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