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14 Signs You’re An International Student In The US

14 Signs You’re An International Student In The US

Being an international student in the US is fun but also stressful. Studying abroad is a dream to do but also requires a lot of work and college stress. These are the signs you're an international student.

As an international student, I moved quite a few times throughout my life, I speak three languages fluently (working on my fourth) and I currently study in the United States. Whether you’re an international student that moved once, moved 5 times or 700 times you will be able to relate to some, if not all, of these. If you’re not an international student in the US, let me enlighten you.

1. WhatsApp

This is one of your most used apps. You still don’t get why people use GroupMe or any other application if we can just use WhatsApp.

2. Time Zones Are Actually The Worst

You still struggle sometimes scheduling a call with your family and friends from back home.



3. Jet Lag Is A Whole Other Problem

You’re jet-lagged when you fly back home and by the time you get used to that timezone you have to come back to school and then you’re jet-lagged again. You end up spending the first or two weeks like this:

When they start talking about jet lag you just:


4. West Coast Vs. East Coast

When people complain about the time difference between the east and west coast you can’t help but roll your eyes.

5. You Became A Master Of Converting Certain Units

Fahrenheit to celsius, miles to kilometers, pounds to kilograms, inches to centimeters and the list goes on and on. Converting dollars to your currency and then adding the tax to it became a part of your daily life.



6. Your Answer To The “Where Are You From?” Question Is Difficult

The answer is always longer and a bit more complicated than locals.

7. Flying Is Not A Big Deal To You, Especially Flying Alone

Sometimes you even run into old friends in international airports in a random country and that moment is truly magical.

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8. Thanksgiving Doesn’t Mean A Lot To You

You definitely enjoy the food and the long weekend even if it means spending the weekend alone in your dorm.

9. You Still Don’t Understand The Hype About Pumpkin Spice

It’s good but it is not THAT good.


10. You’re Multilingual

You definitely had times when you mixed your languages or forgot how to say a specific word in one language and your brain is just like: 

11. You Get Excited When You Meet Someone From The Same Country As You

That moment they speak the same language as you, this is the ultimate sign you are an international student in the US.

12. You Probably Have A Mixed Accent

Especially if you moved around and you had friends with different accents as well.


13. You Don’t Get All The References People Make Or The Slang They Use

“You’ve never watched the Office, Full house, etc.…?” No, Karen, I haven’t watched it and I am still alive.

14. At The End Of The Day, You love America 

Are you an international student in the US? Let us know in the comments below!

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