10 Signs You’re An Alpha Delta Pi at the University of Alabama


Keep reading for 10 sure signs that you’re an Alpha Delta Pi at the University of Alabama!

1. Blue is everywhere in your life, especially your closet. Not just any shade of blue, but azure blue.


2. Every lion you ever see, real or stuffed animal, you will always call Alphie.


3. You run out of room on the walls in your dorm/apartment from all of your Alpha Delta Pi canvasses

(Diamond Sister reveal? Initiation? Birthday? Christmas? Bring on the painted canvasses!)

4. The diamond emoji is always in your most used emojis and next to half of the contacts in your phone.


5. Begging everyone for their pop tabs so you can take them to the Ronald McDonald house.


6. Your love for Eugenia is so strong you’ve wondered if you could somehow make it work in your future daughter’s name.

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7. Every time you see something camo, you want to buy it to turn into a costume for Mallard Ball.

8. The Ronald McDonald House has touched your heart and you couldn’t imagine a worthier cause.

9. Luke Bryan’s wife is an Alpha Delta Pi so whenever someone asks why you’re single it’s because you’re just waiting for your Luke Bryan.


10. You thank God everyday for giving you these amazing sisters and allowing you to be a part of the First Finest Forever.

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