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10 Signs You’re Addicted To Social Media

10 Signs You’re Addicted To Social Media

No one wants to admit that they're addicted to something. But, if you can relate to these 10 things, you probably have a social media addiction.

No one wants to admit that they’re addicted to something, especially when it comes to social media. So how do you know if you really are? If you can relate to these 10 things, you are probably classified as someone with a Social Media Addiction.

1. You have almost every editing app available for your phone.

What’s the point in posting a cute photo to Instagram when you didn’t use one of your many apps to edit it first? Editing puts your picture one level above everyone else’s and you know it.

2. You can’t go to an event without taking thousands of post worthy pictures.

If a big event is coming up (concert, party, vacation, etc.) you have to make sure you take pictures to show for it, otherwise you weren’t really there… right?

3. You probably don’t have any storage left on your phone.

Too many pictures. Enough said.

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4. You always have an Instagram or Snapchat story up.

Everything you do deserves a story. Even if you aren’t doing anything at all. Who wouldn’t post a picture of their favorite Netflix show and popcorn?


5. You expect all of your friends to like and comment on your posts.

Your friends are supposed to be your biggest supporters. You can always count on an extra like or comment from them.

6. Twitter and Tumblr are basically your online diaries.

You have to keep your Twitter followers up to date on what’s happening in your life. Every tweet is like a new entry; you can say whatever you want whenever you want, only it’s public.

7. You get mad when someone breaks your streak.

Keeping streaks on Snapchat takes commitment. Of course you’re going to be mad when someone breaks one (especially if it’s longer than 100 days). You just can’t trust them after that.

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8. You can’t eat until everyone has seen what your food or coffee looks like.

This is a big one, most importantly when it comes to lattes. No matter what design on the top, you have to snap a pic. And when you get brunch at the cute restaurant down the street, everyone should know. Don’t worry, it will totally match your Instagram feed.


9. You have to check every form of social media hourly.

If you don’t check Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat at least twice a day, your feed will overflow and it could take hours to catch up to the picture you last liked.

10. You feel lost with out your phone.

You ALWAYS have your phone on you. You get separation anxiety when you don’t know where it is and let’s be honest, FOMO is real.

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