10 Signs You’re Actually A Beauty Guru Or Influencer

Beauty gurus and influencers rule the makeup world these days. From jaw-dropping YouTube tutorials to carefully-curated Instagram feeds, they’re the trendsetters who know what’s up and set the tone for the rest of the season. Every friend group has one: the designated expert on all things beauty who’s there with all the answers when her friends come running. Are you the beauty guru or influencer of your friend group? Keep reading to find out!

1. You know everything there is to know about new makeup launches before they even hit the shelves, including—but not limited to—what’s hot or not and if a brand nailed that shade range or if it was a monumental flop.

It’s 2019, people! What foundation or concealer launch is complete without at least twenty shades?

2. You’re not afraid to try out the newest cosmetic fads and trends, like eyelash lifts and tints or ways to achieve an Insta-worthy brow, like eyebrow tattoos.

A shortcut to getting the perfect lash and brow, without having to painstakingly perfect them every morning? Beauty guru heaven. You’ll happily take one for the team.

3. You’re used to your phone blowing up right before an important event in a friend’s life, and will always be right there with a curling wand in hand to help.

Fashion emergency? You know just the right dress to get your BFF feeling her best. In a makeup rut right before a big date? You’re armed with the latest and greatest in date-night makeup. If there’s a problem, you can solve it—and look like a 10 while doing it.

4. You made the bold choice of rocking a statement graphic eyeliner look paired with coloured mascara last week, and now a girl down the hall is wearing the same look.

Whoever said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery was really onto something. You love feeling like a trendsetter, even if it’s just around your dorm.

5. You know the importance of maintaining a short list of OG, holy-grail makeup products for when you need a no-nonsense look that you know you can rely on, but there’s always room for the newest show-stopping eyeshadow palette in your makeup collection.

A new Urban Decay Naked palette? *Runs to the nearest Sephora*.

6. You have no less than twenty variations of the same nude lipstick, much to the amusement of your friends, but they’re all SO DIFFERENT.

To the untrained eye, a nude is a nude is a nude. But you know the importance of a lipstick’s undertone and the difference it can make to an entire look. So go ahead, you beauty guru queen. Buy that new nude lippie.

7. In your spare time, when you’re not flipping through the most recent beauty magazines or combing through Target’s makeup aisle for a new product or two, you can be found with your eyes glued to Jeffree Star’s latest makeup review.

If it’s not Jeffree Star approved, you don’t want it. And really, who could blame you?

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8. Winged eyeliner? No problem.

You’ve long since perfected the art of flicking that felt tip at just the right angle, and it takes you all of five seconds to get it looking just how you like it. Definitely a beauty guru superpower.

9. Your daily makeup routine isn’t complete without a play-by-play narration as if you were filming a tutorial for your millions of YouTube subscribers.

“So, next I’m gonna be taking this Nars Pro-Prime Smudge-Proof eyeshadow primer… It’s the BEST, you guys, I swear.”

10. But as much as you love experimenting with new makeup and trying out fun, bold looks, you know there’s nothing more important than your carefully-curated nighttime skincare routine.

You’ve had the importance of removing all traces of makeup before bed drilled into you for years from the countless magazine articles you read. First step to a flawless base? A clean canvas. Check!

How many of these beauty guru signs can you relate to? Let us know in the comments!

Featured image source: http://www.jasminetalksbeauty.com/2017/02/the-everyday-makeup-edit-3.html
Kaitlyn Owens

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