20 Signs You’re a UW Badger

If you don’t absolutely love where you go to college, then you’re doing it wrong. Going off to college is so exciting and is such an adventurous time in one’s life. Choosing University of Wisconsin was such an amazing decision; I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. So if you’re anything like me, and obsessed with your school, check out these 20 signs that’ll show whether or not you’re a true UW Badger.

1. You love to jump around.

2. You own these overalls.

3. You’ve switched from peace signs to W’s.

 4. You woke up ridiculously early to buy season tickets.

5. You love tailgating.

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6. Camp Randall Stadium is one of your favorite places on campus.

7. You live for gamedays.

8. Bucky is your favorite mascot (EVER).

9. You  have tons of red and white beads.

10. And way too many Badger t-shirts.

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11. All emblazoned with Bucky, “Badgers”, or “Wisconsin”.

12. You follow the UW Badgers on Insta.

13. And Twitter

14. Your Insta feed always has tons of gameday pics.

15. You really wanna go to away games.

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16. You think the insanity of the games are 100% worth it.

17. “On Wisconsin” is one of your favorite cheers.

18. Maybe you didn’t like football or basketball games before becoming a Badger.

19. But now you wouldn’t miss a single game.

20. You’ll always be a UW Badger (even after you graduate).

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These are 20 signs you are a UW Badger. What’s your favorite part about being a Badger? Share in the comments!
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