20 Signs You’re A Shopper With Expensive Taste And A Cheap Budget

Anyone can look good with an endless supply of new clothes, but it takes a real trendsetter to make do with a budget. I applaud you, fellow frugal fashionistas, for your commitment to the hustle. May you always look good, and still manage to save a little money. If you know that being well-dressed doesn’t require a thousand dollar budget, read on about these 20 signs you’re a shopper with expensive taste and a cheap budget.

1. You’ve learned to limit your price range when online shopping so as not to tempt yourself…

2. …and you’re very familiar with this button.

3. You know all the best times to shop for certain items.

If you aren’t buying your winter wardrobe in February, then what are you doing?

4. You have a few go-to spots for finding the best deals.

Nordstrom Rack and Marshalls are two personal favorites.

5. The best time to get discounts at your favorite stores is engrained in your memory.

It’s almost as if you have an internal clock that rings when LF’s semi-annual sale begins.

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6. There’s that one shirt in your closet that you got for a huge markdown, and you wear it with a secret pride.

7. You will spend months lusting over that splurge item.

8. Poshmark, eBay…You know there’s no shame in second-hand clothing.

9. When it comes to thrifting; you’ve got a game plan down pat, and hours set aside to dig for the perfect pieces.

10. The sale section is your zone.

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11. You have spent hours watching YouTube hauls, living vicariously through others’ shopping sprees.

12. You’re guilty of a buy and wear once with the tags on, and return…No harm no foul!

13. You could spend forever in a store mulling over that pair of shoes, debating whether or not it’s worth it.

What are friends for, if not to help you decide between two seemingly identical tops via Snapchat?

14. …Or you might impulsively blow all your money after falling in love with something.

#worth it

15. You’ve sold your old clothes to friends and strangers to buy more.

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16. You own some knock off designer. Fake it till you make it!

17. “Your closet” includes all of your friends’ closets, and vice versa.

18. Walking through your favorite expensive store has tempted you to seek a sugar daddy.

19. You fantasize about being able to go shopping one day and buying whatever you want.

Bonus points if you have planned out your dream closet.

20. You’ve filled your cart full of thousands of dollars worth of clothes when online shopping, then closed the tab.

It’s painful every time.

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These are 20 signs you’re a shopper with expensive taste and a cheap budget. Anything to add? Share in the comments below!
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